2015 Town Hall Cross

23 Sep

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/397071983

Time: 1hr 6min = 8 laps

Avg HR = 194bmp

Video Lap 1

Going into the race I was ranked absolutely last 26th/26th, so all signs looked good that I would beat the predictor unless I DNF’d. The bad news was I didn’t race Cross-o-the-Corn so I was staged last only with Day-ofs behind me. Lucky for me there was a gap on the very left side that the official was standing in… the only bad news was you wanted to be far right to miss the giant/only mud hole on the course. The start went pretty well, I was hoping to move up then right but duder next to me wasn’t in the mood for moving to the right so I ended up in the mud puddle :( It pays to have a good start of Town Hall since you got directly into the hoard of switchbacks all the way up the hill where its HARD to pass and everyones looking to chop you in the 1million 180deg turns. I hung in the top 10 with that stupid thought of, ‘Ohhhh maybe I got fast overnight somehow and I can actually hang with these guys?!?’ After that dream faded, I let the gap to the lead pack go and let off the pace a bit trying to get the HR back down away from 200bmp.

For the next lap or so I still was too amped up to corner productively. Willem and Breakaway-Craig passed me during this time with Mikey Green right on my case. I was working much harder than I should have on the straights to fight back to keep them in sight and Mikey from coming around me. After about 4 laps I started actually cornering like a normal person and made my way back to Williem’s wheel. When we hit the start/finish straight I put a huge dig in out of the saddle and got a solid gap heading into the climb. For the next lap or so I worked hard on opening up the gap. I had Breakaway-Craig in front and was trying to keep pushing through the usually death back pain (I just started doing yoga!!). I start picking off 1 or 2 other riders who were fading from the front group. I make it up to Bob Reuther’s wheel at the barriers where he kindly lets me by and I put an effort in to gap him through the twisty turns. No dice. I stomp on it again and come into a corner a bit too hot and have to take a weird line and apologize to him. I do this for the next two minutes continuing to glance back and hes STILL on my wheel. Damn, nice work sir! Eventually on the start/finish going up hill with 2?>!? (1 would have been nicer to see) to go I get a solid gap on him and keep on trucking. I can see Breakaway-Craig not too too far in front of me and keep on pushing the pedals.

For the next 1.5laps I keep the pace high sprinting up the top of the climb each time trying to bridge the gap. With 1 to go I keep on the pace on the way up to the climb trying to see if theres a chance. After hitting the first switchback I realize the effort is futile. I back off on the pace a little. Coming down the hill I go into conserve mode and take the corners a bit more gingerly, and putting out more work in the straights to keep it upright.

I rolled in 13th behind my new nemesis/frienemy Breakaway-Craig.

Womens 1/2/3 & 3/4 & Masters

Mens 1/2/3

SSCX Winner & Champ


Womens 3/4


Mens A 1/2/3

Long hair competition

2015 Nittany Cross – Day 1 & 2

14 Sep

Ahhh Nittany Cross. The 1st real race of the season for most. Always fun seeing old friends and catching up while at the same time realizing A) you didn’t actually train that hard and B) you really are not sure if you ‘like’ racing

Day 1s race went well for me. Lined up 2nd to last row. Got into a group with Jack and rode with him until we got pulled w 2 to go. Somehow the officials never placed me but o well.

Day 2s race didnt go as well. Was in about the same range then the back acted up and I soft pedaled until Bossmans got close enough to get pulled w 3 to go.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 1 Video – 1st lap Mens UCI race

Bossmans hoping the barriers!!


Bike work

Day 1

Cat 4-5 Men

Womens 3/4 + Masters + Juniors

Podium picssssss

Masters 35+

1st time in the UCI race! The bessssttttt!

Mens UCI

Mens B 3/4

Little VT action

Then Blackbird dinner pickup

Day 2

Womens 3/4



back of the pack = happy face

UCI mens 2 day winner Bosmans!

Mens 3/4


Philly to NYC Ride / Bike Route

14 Sep

Its been on my agenda to do a Philly to NYC ride for a while. Blake and myself finally made it happen 2 weeks ago. We took off work Friday, left late morning and got up to Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge.

Strava Bike Route:

It was ~105miles to the GW bridge ~7.5hrs

It was ~115miles to Manhattan ~ 8hrs

Philadelphia to New York City


New York City to Philadelphia:


Route Notes:

• The section leaving Philly through the North East isn’t very nice on State Rd. This is potentially the worst stretch of riding you will have to do. Staying on Torresdale Ave is also another option, but theres no ‘fun’ way through especially with all the construction going on.

• The first section of trail dumps off and I think you can go through a salvage yard to skip a weird section where you have to jump onto a hwy type road that had no real traffic on it then get off at the 1st exit a ~1/4mi down.

• The 1st section of trail where you get on in Trenton could be a bit sketch depending on the time of day. We had no issues but I would use a bit of caution especially if by yourself at night. Ive seen where people instead of going into Trenton (via Bridge St) continue on the Canal Path to Washington Crossing then up to avoid that section.

• The trail itself is pretty nice with signage the entire way. Get ready to have red legs and bikes from the dirt.

• Most of the road riding was very nice. There is one section where on the way there we rode the wrong way up a 1 way street. Ill try and pinpoint where that was… but it was only for a short distance so we could get off the major road that much sooner.

I will add the cue sheet when I get home!!!!!!!!!

ride up


1st flat


Night time ride to




Monk’s Meats


Superiority Burger


Back to Brooklyn for the Pickle Shack

Sunday = heading home


Things got kinda wild at WaWa

Dirt legsssss

2015 Arsenal Crit – Men’s 3/4 & 1/2/3

24 Aug

Mens 3/4 race = 60min
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/376393021/analysis
Avg Speed: 26.2mph
Avg Power = 278w
Avg HR = 190bpm

Mens 1/2/3 race = 70min of which I only did a few laps
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/376393000/analysis
Avg Speed: 25.3mph
Avg Power = 286w
Avg HR = 188bpm

After a pizza filled evening at Taconelli’s celebrating I went home and purchased my 2015 license… I feel a bit ashamed to say it but I havnt raced a bike since the last post. Even worse I havnt blogged in that long either… ooof! So much to go back to and add to the blog. Anyways I decided with the help of Jack and Greg (arrow racings finest) that I should do some racing before crit season was over. I signed up for the Mens 3/4 and 1/2/3 races. My goal was to hang with the lead in the 3/4 and see how many laps I could do in the 1/2/3

I got down early to watch our Cadence kids do the Mens 5 race along with Stevie-Snax doing his first ever crit #roadie. Unfortunately they were a few crashes taking some of them out.

The 3/4 felt fast to me. I haven’t done speed work in a very long time so it makes sense. I did end up hanging out in the back more than I should but I also secretly wanted to work on some intervals for the upcoming cross season. I took a turn or two at the front but didn’t feel like I could make many moves with my current fitness so I sat back in towards the blunt end. I didn’t contenst the sprint but rolled though ~15-20 with the field starting with about 70-80people. Mission accomplished.

There was an hour between the 3/4 and the 1/2/3 and I slurped down a coke and walked around with my skin suit tied around my waist debating the next race. Jack #arrowiseverything talked me into racing and even gave me a bottle since I was all out. So I lined up and did what I knew not to do… started at the back and played that game. Obviously this isn’t a good move but I was tired and knew that I wasn’t hanging long and honestly didn’t ewant to me in anyones way. But as we all know once people start falling off the back you have to close down gap after gap. I only had a couple of these in me and I popped… oh well. I gave the tent the ‘im done sign’ and pulled off to slug a beer. It was fun jumping into my first 1/2/3 and Im looking forward to getting in the mix again.

1/2/3 solo break win

1/2/3 field spring

Next up is Nittany Cross :)

Sly Fox Cross – 2014

10 Nov

This was the 1st year of Sly Fox Cross out in Pottstown, PA at the Sly Fox Brewery. I was pretty excited for this race as I knew the crew had put in a crazy amount of effort cutting brand new trails in behind the brewery for the last 2-3 months after they heard that Sly Fox wanted to put on a cross race. They killed it for having such a small amount of time! I think the only constant complaint I heard all day was about the short laps which was a known flaw and is already being worked on by extending the trails for next year. The only plus to this was you got use to the course and spectating was very easy.

The course was very technical in the woods with plenty of opportunity to crash/ have mechanicals which I personally like. Riding around in the grass isn’t all that fun sometimes. To top it off there was the most legit run-up ive ever been apart of with lines of people heckling/cheering on both sides during EVERY SINGLE RACE. It really made you feel like you were at a huge race.

In my opinion this was the best event of the year thus far. MattyB’s goal was to put on an underground (think Bilenky) type of race that was ‘real’ and he fully succeeded. Props bud, you killed it!! Ive never seen this many people out in a local PACX race especially in November. On top of that people actually hung out all day, something that rarely happens. It felt like even more people hanging for the later races compared to huge races like Nittany Cross.

Sweet local paper write up: http://www.pottsmerc.com/general-news/20141109/sly-fox-cyclocross-draws-big-fun-loving-crowd

Big thanks to everyone who put this on/helped out… MattyB, Topher, Nick, BikeSport, Sly Fox Brewery, Orchid Euro, Sunnybrook Racing

Mens A 1/2/3

Not much to talk about. Made a couple aggressive moves to get towards the front at the start. Was feeling good and was in front of a lot of people im not usually in front of and flatted the rear (running a clincher/tube like a dum-dum). Didn’t have a pit bike so I opted out. Had a blast during the race and cant wait for next year.

Strava Jawn: http://www.strava.com/activities/217751862/overview

Unfortunately I outputted the video from my GoPro in 960… so the quality is a bit shotty.

Video Mens A 1/2/3 – 1st lap:

Photo Dump:





Mens C – 4/5












Womens A 1/2/3 & Womens B 3/4





















Mens B 2/3/4




Mens A 1/2/3









Single Speed












Back to Austin TX

29 Oct

Quick photo recap of our Austin trip for Amanda’s wedding…

Photos from Austin:

Thursday Night:

Bouldin Creek






















Jester King Brewery (good beer and sweet setup)























Whole Foods tacos?!



Pumpkins and West Chester Cross

20 Oct

Saturday morning we woke up and drove up north to The Golden Nugget Flea right by Lambertville NJ. Like the elderly people that we are these days nothing pumps me up more than a solid flea market and luckily Saturday didn’t disappoint.


After that we cruised into Lambertville, parked, and walked over the bridge into New Hope to get some grub.


Lunch was at the epic Sprig & Vine!


There are a slew of cyclists up and around these parts due to the canal path. On the walk back over to the car I enc0ountered something id never seen before. It might be hard to tell but the cyclist when crusing between cars would unclip his right foot and swing it over his frame…


Heading out of town – sweet old Bugatti


Next up was getting out pumpkin picking on.


At the flea we picked a 1920s era cast iron industrial lamp. It was made by the Manley Mtg Company in Reading, PA and was the 1st ever ‘portable’ gas station light. I was a bit excited so I did a quick re-wire job and got it working. I plan to do a full re-wire job soon to replace the almost 100 year old wiring.




Sunday morning we packed the car full and shuffled out for West Chest Cross (WCCX)

They had changed the course up a bit this year not using the entire other side where we went over the road before. Still a fun course (minus maybe that SUPER bumpy part right after the start)

Mens C







Cat4/5 Cmen Podium – Filson on the podium again crushing it. 1st race as a cat4 and making moves on the SSCX. Cant wait for him to crush the Bs next year











B race start

Initially the idea was to get paid in the A-race. After seeing who actually showed up my idea became a stretch goal. There was only 15 people reg’d but you know who you can hang with and who you cant. Even track Olympian Scott Zwizanski was out!!! I had a poor start after picking the wrong wheel to line up behind but was able to dangle at the back of the front pack. I heard a couple ‘hurry up Minturns’ in there coupled byt Myles yelling, ‘keep at that speed Minturn.’ Eventually I couldn’t hang with the 8 leaders and they pulled away. I was in no mans land for a while but was able to pick off a couple people who dropped from that group. I crossed the line and heard the old ‘5 laps to go’ and I thought, REALLY!? No one wants to hear 5 to go after doing a couple laps.

Anyways fast forward a bit and I realize Michael Miller is gaining on me slowly. I keep the pressure on the pedals and am out of the saddle on every climb. With 3 to go hes even closer… I always measure where I am verse where he is when the course doubles back to figure out the time gap and if hes gaining or not. With two to go I still have a good lead and put the pressure on trying to grow the gap. My real goal is to make the gap seem way to big to work for then I can go into ‘safety’ mode in the tougher corners as William was too far in front of me to catch. My plan works and I get to roll in 6th/15. Pay was 7 deep and I felt like I had a solid race. Tons of things to improve on but I did change out my front wheel for a tubeless jawn. I also learned that trying to hop barriers when that’s not your strong suit leads to trouble.

**Note to self, just because you look like Hal, doesn’t mean you have any of his skills.

Strava Jawn: http://www.strava.com/activities/209967967

Results A race 1/2/3


Next up with the epic buffet known as Su Tao. So good. So many good buds. Ohhhie!


We got home. I made some food for the next day and then it was time for SPOOKY GOLF in center city. I didn’t win but I did A LOT of heckling. Fall is way too good of a month!!



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