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January Wrap Up

31 Jan

The month is finally coming to a close with little to no winter/snow unfortunately. The one benefit is plenty of nice days to get some miles in.

January Totals

Commuting:            540 mi


Road:                               61 mi

Dirt:                                56 mi

Total:                           657 mi

Also was able to play with a remote controlled velodrome that my buddy picked up in Europe. Even with half the voltage the riders would whip off the banks if you held the throttle wide open. Was quite fun though.

Tussle at the Trestle

30 Jan

The morning started off watching the cyclocross worlds via projection and eating breakfast. The Belgium’s dominated the entire race/podium with a pretty intense looking course.

Couple photos from the race Sunday, Tussel at the Trestle. It was a really good time put on by Trophy Bikes with a 3 lap qualifier that led to a A and B race. The course was very diverse with plenty of barriers, a skate park in the middle, and a circle of death. I tried to take as many photos as possible but might have to steal some other peoples later. I should have the GoPro video up from the A race on Wednesday if all goes as planned.




B race







After party at Trophy Bikes with beer, pizza, and prizes for the top 3 of each race.

We started with 3 people wanting food that turned into 13 or so. Some of the suburbanites got giddy riding through traffic/



On the way through Chinatown we ran into some wildness. They lit so many fireworks the smoke/noise was amazing.




Nothing weird about locking up carbon tubs in the city…

All you can eat dim sum! Had a blast then entire day, it was a really entertaining event/.

Coming Up

26 Jan

This weekend (Sunday) there is a cyclocross ‘race’ in Philadelphia, Tussle at the Trestle. Its $5 to enter with an after party at Trophy Bikes North.

The next weekend (Saturday, February 4th) is the 2nd annual Vegan Wing Bowl at the Abbaye. Its put on with the Philly Roller Girls, it evolves beer, seitan, and more beer. I got 3rd last year but my mistake was the free beer before hand… I drank a bit too much and got full before the competition so Im looking to make better moves this year. $20 for the competition which includes free beer from Cricket Hill and more wings than you most likely want to eat.

World Wide Stout

25 Jan

I had to drop the lady off at the airport this morning on the way to work. The first time I havn’t ridden in a long long time and of course its brilliant out today. The plus side was the ability to sleep in and when my buddy let me know they just tapped a keg of Dogfishhead World Wide Stout I was there.

It’s a really big beer but the alcohol is hidden nicely compared to some of Dogfishhead’s other concoctions. After my first goblet I went a different approach with black-n-black, 1 part world wide stout and 1 part of their chicory stout in a pint glass. I was hoping to cut some of the alcohol in order to actually make it out of bed this morning/

Commute #

24 Jan


Snow Ride With the Team

23 Jan

After Saturdays brutal ride in the Wiss I was hoping to give the legs a bit of a break. Went to my teammates house where we were trying on the new kits for sizing. Really excited for the design this year, the kits should be legit. Anyways we had planned to have a road ride but had to a cross/mtb ride due to the snow.

It was cold out ~25°F so everyone stayed in the house until it was ready to roll.


Cruising to Schuylkill River Trail


The SRT was brutal with a think layer of ice on top of the snow. A small section of the trail was plowed which gave our legs hope then around the next corner it was back to chugging away.


We opted to head to Valley Forge to hit some clearer roads.




Some people opted for hike-a-bike ‘shortcuts’ during a few races we partook in.



As I was setting up my camera for a team photoshoot a car full of people drove by and said they could take our photo.


Then their friends got in on it


Then we found a hill…



Which turned to friendly racing up the hill




= Falling


More falling



Then we cruised some more.


Found a sledding hill to ride down.


Note: sledding hill + giant hole = OTB

sweet gif?!@



Heading back home



Back across the bridge/chute whose wooden slates made for a slick ride.



Album cover.


The legs were ready to home after all that snow/torture.


On the commute into work this morning I could feel the miles over the weekend. I rode about 4.5hours during the weekend which is a ton more than usual. It finally feels like winter and I’m loving it!

Snow Day at the Wiss

22 Jan

We had plans to ride in case it snowed and stuck early Saturday morning. I was hoping to wake up in time and left the bar earlish (1am) to make sure i was ready for business.

Rode up to a friends and cruised Girard going out towards Wissahickon where we met up with up another buddy. About .1 miles in I almost ate it when i forgot about the trolley tracks that transverse Girade Ave.



just picked up an actual rain jacket (shell) with seamed zippers and all. The jacket worked great so far. I need to get some more rain/seet/snow under its belt but after that I hope to give a quick review. From what Ive noticed thus far it kept all the moisture of my body but didnt feel like a bag like most rain jackets due where you sweat from the inside out.


A few scenic pictures along the way.


There was freezing rain for the first hour or so




Nokian Hakkapeliitta W240 Studded Tire – 700 x 40.  I havn’t got to use them in much snow/ice yet even though Ive had them mounted on the commuter for some time now.  Its amazing the change in rolling resistance from a slick and a wide, knobby, studded tire 🙂


Hit some of the single track in the Wiss


As one would expect a 46×18 on a 29er is NOT optimal gearing for a single track let alone with snow and ice on the ground. My legs are feeling it today for sure.


Some people gave my bike a go


Later on everything was iced over




Back on the SRT next to Kelly Dr. heading home