9 Jan


The weekend started out at usual with a walk to the bar but with a goal to keep it relatively calm so I could get some miles in the next morning.


Woke up and was able to get a bit over 40miles in on the Schuylkill River Trail. The weather was amazing out especially for January! Got home made some food and had plans of riding bumex. Quick back story, I grew up riding bmx from when I was little kid until recently. Due to time/riding other bikes I havnt touched the bumex in ~3 year, SHIT… that’s way too long. Anyways Ive been wanting to jump back on that thing and carve some bowls and finally made it happen this weekend.

A buddy bought a short bus and painted it black for an upcoming trip hes making. I found out short busses are a great way to move 9 dudes and there childrens’ bikes from spot to spot. We ended up cruising to the concrete park in Maple Shade, NJ which id never been to before. I will definitely be going back as the deep bowl section was a blast.




We cruised to a prefab spot after that near Camden somewhere. So good to pump around and enjoy the amazing weather.




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