Snow Day at the Wiss

22 Jan

We had plans to ride in case it snowed and stuck early Saturday morning. I was hoping to wake up in time and left the bar earlish (1am) to make sure i was ready for business.

Rode up to a friends and cruised Girard going out towards Wissahickon where we met up with up another buddy. About .1 miles in I almost ate it when i forgot about the trolley tracks that transverse Girade Ave.



just picked up an actual rain jacket (shell) with seamed zippers and all. The jacket worked great so far. I need to get some more rain/seet/snow under its belt but after that I hope to give a quick review. From what Ive noticed thus far it kept all the moisture of my body but didnt feel like a bag like most rain jackets due where you sweat from the inside out.


A few scenic pictures along the way.


There was freezing rain for the first hour or so




Nokian Hakkapeliitta W240 Studded Tire – 700 x 40.  I havn’t got to use them in much snow/ice yet even though Ive had them mounted on the commuter for some time now.  Its amazing the change in rolling resistance from a slick and a wide, knobby, studded tire 🙂


Hit some of the single track in the Wiss


As one would expect a 46×18 on a 29er is NOT optimal gearing for a single track let alone with snow and ice on the ground. My legs are feeling it today for sure.


Some people gave my bike a go


Later on everything was iced over




Back on the SRT next to Kelly Dr. heading home



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