Tussle at the Trestle

30 Jan

The morning started off watching the cyclocross worlds via projection and eating breakfast. The Belgium’s dominated the entire race/podium with a pretty intense looking course.

Couple photos from the race Sunday, Tussel at the Trestle. It was a really good time put on by Trophy Bikes with a 3 lap qualifier that led to a A and B race. The course was very diverse with plenty of barriers, a skate park in the middle, and a circle of death. I tried to take as many photos as possible but might have to steal some other peoples later. I should have the GoPro video up from the A race on Wednesday if all goes as planned.




B race







After party at Trophy Bikes with beer, pizza, and prizes for the top 3 of each race.

We started with 3 people wanting food that turned into 13 or so. Some of the suburbanites got giddy riding through traffic/



On the way through Chinatown we ran into some wildness. They lit so many fireworks the smoke/noise was amazing.




Nothing weird about locking up carbon tubs in the city…

All you can eat dim sum! Had a blast then entire day, it was a really entertaining event/.

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