Road to Recovery

14 Feb

For the last week or so I’ve had a nagging cough, tons of mucus, and would wake up with a terribly dry throat even though I had my humidifier on full blast. Eventually I got sick enough to take notice and took a couple days off work to recoup/not get the rest of the office sick. Even though there are plenty ‘bugs’ going around the office at any point in time, I rarely am effected which I attribute to diet/exercise. Unfortunately this time was different.

Due to the longevity and a few other factors, I came to the conclusion that my workout to recovery balance was way off. I’ve been focusing on the breaking down muscle side but not backing those workouts up with the rebuilding aspect. The recovery process is just as important but isnt as widely talked about. After re-listening to a few podcasts and doing some homework on the topic, I felt like most of my symptoms I was showing were spot on. Lingering illness due to weakened immune system, lack of motivation, GI distress, and so on. Ive felt the effects of over training before but I’m usually able to dodge any flu like symptoms, take a day or two off the bike, then get back to business. This time wasn’t the case so I had to reevaluate and figure out how I wanted to rebalance the workout/recovery equation.

I could obviously spend less time on the bike, but whats the fun in that? I came up with a few solutions Im going to work between to help rebalance the equation:

Since I enjoy commuting every day, that’s not something I plan on giving up. What I do plan on implementing is varying my intensity on certain days (something I should be doing anyway) in order to actively recover. I find it hard to ride ‘slow’ but something I really need to work on.

Dare I say spend less time drinking and more time doing something productive??! As much as I love hanging out on the weekends, late nights + alcohol is no way to give the legs the recovery they deserve. Game plan is to cut back a bit, which can be hard especially in the winter months.

Start and continue with a stretching plan + foam rolling every night. Love foam rolling, I just need to make it a nightly activity to help the legs recover faster.

Last is to get the nutrition in check. I started a food journal for a day or so (pretty sad I know) and would love to take the time to get back into that, at least for a week or so. This would give me an eye into how many calories a day I’m taking in and what essential vitamins/nutrients I’m not getting enough of.

Because theres nothing fun about reading with no pictures, Me, a cat and some Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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