Weekend Roundup

20 Feb

After last weeks attempts of trying to get over this cold, I needed to get out for a few miles Saturday morning, especially since the weather was suppose to be amazing (~50F). My sleep has been less than ideal lately with coughing episodes waking me up periodically throughout the night. Because of this, I didn’t set an alarm and missed the group ride I was planning on riding with Saturday morning. Instead I did a solo ride on the road bike which I hadn’t ridden since May of last year… (terrible I know.) I re-greased the headset (its in miserable shape but I have one on order since 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 headsets aren’t super common), threw on another chain as one of the link in the old one must be slightly seized, and got the rear derailer back in business.

It was a perfect day out and cruised out on the SRT towards valley forge. Tried to snap a few along the way with the phone.


While I was there I got to check out the new team van. Some interesting plans for this thing, Im intrigued to see how it turns out.



Ended up stopping by one of my teammate’s warehouse were him and another teammate were getting an engine hoist in order to put an engine in him rabbit project.




Also very jealous of his Lupo 3L project.  First off Ive always been a fan of the Lupo design and second off these 3L versions are a super lightweight version with manly AL components for weight savings.



After my rear Sram Frce shifter broke, I pulled it off and took it to a local shop in hopes of getting it warrantied.  Later that week they called and said that they got the warrientied shifter in.  Wow!  I wasn’t expecting it to be that fast/easy.  The only stipulation was that you need that shop to do the install.  Alright, I get it, Sram doesn’t want their shifters being installed incorrectly and the shop doesn’t want to be spending time shipping/on the phone without compensation.  Im fine with that.

So Sunday morning the lady and I rode down to the bike shop in order to get the shifter on. Maybe it was dumb of me but for some reason I thought that this would take a couple hours where we could walk around the city, walk back, and ride home. I mean they didn’t have to retape the bar, just put the bolt through the shifter and dial the brakes/rear derailer in. Anyways I was way off and they said 3-4 days.


We ended up walking home from there meandering throughout the city.  First stop was at Sweet Freedom Bakery, kept walking a bit, then a quick stop at Whole Foods to pick up a couple groceries for the week and another snack.




Walked through a couple parks, saw a ton of tourists around independence mall and snapped a quick picture as well.


Walking was a nice change of pace especially with this amazingly warm weather for Feburary.  The legs felt a bit sore after the walk so I deemed it time to sit down and relax a bit.  Grabbed a brew, sat on the couch, and got lazy for a while.  It was a good weekend.



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