Weekend Roundup

27 Feb

Saturday morning I woke up to ride out to Oaks for a bicycle expo. Game plan was to cruise out to a teammates house along the way and ride to the expo with some of the team to check out the sights and sounds. The forecast predicted wind and plenty of it. There was a 20-25mph constant wind from the west, ie head wind for me the entire way there.

As I was struggling in the wind trying to stay in the drops, I saw a wall of dark clouds. I didn’t remember anything about precipitation in the forecast so I didn’t think much of it. After another miles or so I started seeing flurries and thought this was fun. Nothing wrong with a little winter. Then it actually started snowing. This I didn’t like as much since I had on a base layer and a wind vest and that was it. I wasn’t expecting SNOW!




I eventually made it to Ben’s and tried to warm up a bit as we talked and waited for the rest of the crew. We then watched the clouds leave and the sun come out.


This was nice, but it presented us with an interesting trade off. As we rode the couple miles out to oaks you could either be at the front of the group and fight the wind, or sit in and take all the melted snow spit-up in the face. Its pretty easy to see who sat in!


We finally made it to the show and was treated with some bike parking. As usual the ticket I received in order to get my bike back was lost in the next 30 minutes.


Did you know they made shoes that look like cycling shoes made for standing on the podium? Ryan was amazed.


Ben won the pull-up contest.


During the show we saw a couple other team mates as well as a few sponsors.


After the show we stopped back off at Ben’s where I was able to check out the engine they swapped into the rabbit from last weekend.


Sunday I went for a quick recovery ride with a friend around Fairmount then had lunch plans with the lady.



We cruised to center city for a beer and lunch at Good Dog/


We were calming down for the night, breakfast and lunches were made, and the TV was on. One of our cats is a bit of an investigator shown below… We like to call him Investigator Grissom.


Fast forward a few minutes and we ended up having to take him to the emergency vet. We then watched the entire oscars & jimmy kimmel. Anyways hes luckily doing fine now! But I ended up going to sleep at 3am and waking up this morning at 6:30am so the legs felt like rocks on the ride to work this morning. Cant wait to get some recovery sleep in later this week as ive been drilling the miles for our team monthly mile competition.


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