Weekend Wrap Up

5 Mar

It was a pretty lazy weekend for me. Worked on bikes most of the weekend. Swapping tires and cassettes around, cleaning bits and pieces, re-greasing hubs, drinking beer.


Was a bit more ambitious Sunday and cruised out to Conshohocken for a ~40mi loop. Its always interesting to see outher peoples routes. Plus the houses/scenery out there are amazing.



Coming home we jumped on the SRT and decided to check out the new and improved toe path.  I hadn’t taken this route in months but we wanted to check out the work that they just finished up doing. The trail now is a crushed limestone with paved sections leading up to and following the new bridges. They did an amazing job.




Afterwards we stopped off for a post ride beer. Jeff wanted to try Piccolo Birrificio Seson, an  Italian Saison that was on his short list of beers to try. I cant say I wasn’t overwhelmed by the beer, a bit more carbonated than I was expecting, and being that Im no beer geek, I wasn’t able to pick up many of the aged characteristics. Anyways it was a great way to end a ride… warming back up to ride home on the other hand wasnt.


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