Weekend Wrap Up

12 Mar

The bodys been a little achy since the crash so I wanted to get some recovery time in off the bike. We decided to head up to NYC for the day and walk around. Usually we take the Chinatown bus up but some friends were driving up to race in Monster Track 13, a large brakeless/fixed alley cat race that starts in Brooklyn.

Once we go to Brooklyn we went in search of brunch.




The bathroom at the restaurant… I sometimes forget how small things are up there.


We then walked down to Prospect Park to take in the nice weather


Saw some makeshift bar mits.



Game plan was to hang out there for a bit then walk into Manhattan. We didnt make it far before beer was consumed at Bierkraft. It was a very interesting setup. You walk in and there were refrigerators on both sides with bottles spanning from local microbrews to belgium lambics with a wall at the end with 10 or so drafts. After the beer section they had a sandwich shop with seating inside and out back on their patio. We grabbed some drafts and went out back.



Then we got hungry again and stopped off at ‘Snice for a quick snack.



Finally made it to the Brooklyn bridge. Its always packed with tourists and the entire way I was glad i didnt have to deal with this bridge on my commute. I dont think I could do it with all the pedestrians taking photos and the cat6 racing!





We walked down to battery park and took in the sunset.  Statue of liberty in the background.


Met up with a friend for a bit then cruised to dinner which ended up being pretty terrible.  Lckily Lauren went to get ice cream and Lulas and we hustled to catch the last chinatown bus for the night.





They moved locations so it took us a bit of time to find but once on we hunkered down and fell asleep till Camden.


Next day was lounging but at the store i did see these.  Why is there so much St. Patrick’s day stuff going on before the day??



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