Weekend Wrap Up

19 Mar

Ahh busy weekened for sure with the start of the road race season. I got talked into joining a team for the Philly Phlyer team time trial (TTT). Ive never done a TT before but it was riding distance from our place so I felt I really should. The Philly Phlyer race weekend is mostly collegiate races with a couple USAC open races. It starts off with a TTT saturday morning with a road race saturday afyternoon, and finishes with a crit on Temple’s campus. My real goal was to race not get shelled too too fast in the mens 3/4 road race later in the day.

My two teammates both had slick TT bikes which i learned wernt so easy to draft off of.


A teammate brought my new kit as well. Really liking the 2012 kit design so far.


Living a bits from some of your teammates mean you dont have much to any time riding with them. We took half an hour to warm up together and get a sense of how our rotations would go.


We did alright but for an open field but as always you wish you could dug a little deeper and moved up a spot or two. Oh well.


I was having some drive train issues and as I was heading home i snapped my chain. My fault for not using Shimano’s new special self aligning pins. I learned my lesson. By the time I got home and got the bike back running it was too late to eat then get back out there for the RR. Instead the lady and I rode to Rittenhouse to do some people watching and enjoy the weather.




After dinner we went out to grab a couple drinks. Tried to stay away from the ‘irish’ folk but thats impossible. Did end up having to take some green shot though… but other than that I kept myself hydrated with a coconut water as there was another race in the morning.


Woke up Sunday morning and had a teammate pick me up for the South Jersey Spring Series #2  cat4/5 crit.  It was cool and a bit foggy.


Even got some choice cake afterwards for Jamies birthday.



My teammate’s video up from the race (last couple last at 5:00):

Went to enjoy some beer and arcades games later that day.


Love me some tapper for sure.  So so good.


2 Responses to “Weekend Wrap Up”

  1. Kimbro March 19, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    Love the video. New kits are pretty rad, too!

    • Eric March 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

      Thanks sir! Ran out of juice on my GoPro so I didnt get much exciting action.

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