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April Wrap Up

30 Apr

Sorry I havnt posted in a while. Last week was a lot of scrambling in order to get ready for Crush the Commonwealth. Game plan is to have a report up in a couple days.

The legs themselves feel surprisingly good for putting on ~540miles this week. Cant say the same about the right knee or the rest of the body but a couple nights sleep will aid in that recovery. I took the ladies car into work this morning, first time in a long while. It was nice to sit, do nothing, and be at work without breaking a sweat.

April Totals

Commuting: 544 mi


Road: 496 mi

Total: 1040 mi


Couple random iPhone photos from the weekend.







22 Apr

Saturday turned out to be much nicer than anticipated. I rode out on the SRT to Collegeville to pick up a couple parts and test ride a few bikes at the team’s shop, Bikesport. Ran into a 5k on west river drive. I even saw a guy running with a GoPro affixed to his cranium.


I haven’t done any long rides in a while so it was good to be in the saddle for a bit.

Little SRT action.


‘Touring’ status in the making


I had never been up on the Perkiomen trail before. I forgot the trail turned to gravel at some point but it wasn’t bad.




I own a lot of bikes, but no MTB. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for a while to shred some trails and do some racing. I don’t know it looks like fun. Anyways with the help of a couple friends/bike shop employees/cx instructor boy genius Ryan, Im starting to get a grasp of what I want on the bike. Only thing is the price keeps going up not down… eh whatever I got some tax return money (I think that’s what im suppose to say here)

Anyways im thinking a Niner. Definitely going geared as I plan on riding to the trails/maybe a winter commuter. Thinking shimano. Stans wheels? Not sure on the rest. If you have any advice let me know as im clueless.


Also when did mail in rebates start coming around for beer??



Cruising home.




The trail was peppered with giant clouds of gnats. I made sure to keep the mouth shut and head down but they ended up stuck to me either way.



The rain came Saturday night and kept me from being on the bike Sunday.  Instead did some yoga and stretching as my IT band is killing me right now.




20 Apr

Uneventful week so far. Been feeling better lately. Still trying to get 8hrs of sleep, commute everyday, and get a leisurely ride in during the weekend. Havn’t tested the legs in a little whiles but its hard not to push it when the weathers so nice.

Cruised to a island inspired birthday this week.


Even got a Piña colada before declaring it was way too sweet and switching to beer.


The fog this morning was thick in some places. I dont remeber them calling for it last night but o well. Its still knee/arm warmer weather in the morning so Im happy.


The practice parallel parking set-up was changed as well.  Out with the tires and logs, in with boxes and trays.


I sometime cross over the train tracks to bypass a busy intersection or two. I did get yelled at a week ago by a women who was waiting for the train with her folding bike for riding my bike across the tracks. Im not sure if pushing your self with one foot off is considered riding but oh well.


Also saw they recently put up these nifty East Coast Greenway signs. Havnt noticed these anywhere else but Im going to keep my eyes out now.




17 Apr

A bit from the weekend.

Couple beers Friday night before the bar.


Went out with the lady for a ride Saturday morning and ran into a hunger walk of sorts. Had to turn around and proceed in another direction.



Cruised around Fairmount a bit. Nothing too wild, just taking in the great weather.




Saw a couple friends along the ride.



The rest of the day was taking in the weather, working on the car. Might have her back on the road sooner than later.


Sunday was a bit lazier with beers in the park.



12 Apr

We’re moving out of our apartment and so there are plenty of apartment showing after work. I try to time them out as I work late then come home afterwards. Ended up heading home a bit early the other night so I rode straight to the bar where the lady, a beer, water, and a parking spot inside were waiting for me. Not too bad at all.

One issue I do have with Rx sunglasses is whether or not I want to be a total creepster wearing in full kit and sunglasses inside or go semi-blind without the sunglasses… maybe once I have on full lycra the sunglass part doesnt matter?



The weathers been a bit nuts this week. A constant wind out of the NW and spurts of rain throughout. The clouds last night were impressive.




Same old

10 Apr

Nothing new at the moment. Still feeling a bit overtrained, on the edge of a cold, a bit lethargic. Ive been trying to combat this with 8-9hours sleep, drinking less, and doing a lot less riding other than the daily commute. Few randoms:

For some reason on this small stretch of road people like to dump anything/everything. There were tons of tires which eventually turned into spots where people learn to parallel park by their driving instructor.


Stopped at the grocery store on the way home last week and got a sweet note.


Self explanatory.


And saw this last night. Ive never seen a storage shelf turned into a roof rack like that. It was attached using 4 hose clamps and made me smile.


Raw Talent Ranch WV

3 Apr

Haven’t posted in way too long…

Went down to West Virginia with the cycling team for training camp. A bunch of the guys are doing Battenkill and wanted to get ready by riding asphalt, dirt, and gravel climbs in the mountains of WV. We rented a cabin in Lost River, WV called the Raw Talent Ranch. Its run by a cyclist named Jay who wanted to setup a place cycling destination were teams could come out to train in the mountains.

The descents were a blast but mentally tiring and the accents were physically draining. I wont bore you with too many details but my legs have never tackled cat2 climbs before and they still feel the pain.

A slew of iphone photos of the trip. Im still going through the GoPro videos and pictures from my other camera.

Got a ride out to Bens from the lady and packed his car with our crap.


We then drove up to Jamie’s to re-pack his GTI for the drive down to WV.


Caravan time.


Few from the road.






Couple shots from when we got to the cabin.  Some amazing scenery.





Bike stable.


Bike shop.


Once everyone got there we went for a ride.  Then came home and watched some old cycling coverage.


Sunrise the next morning.  It was chilly but everyone was excited to get on the road.


First decent of the second day , two riders from another local team crashed at the bottom of a switch back.  Luckily the one rider who slid under the guard rail didn’t end up with any broken bones.  We were only a few miles out so I was able to race back to the cabin to get a car down there for them.  Ambulance eventually arrived and took him to the ER. I believe he ended up with some muscle damage which sucks, but all things considering going over the edge at 40+mph could have been a lot worse.


Everyone was huddled around the engine of the ambulance because it was freezing.  When we were about to start to decent down the rest of the mountain it started to rain. After getting a sweat on, then waiting in the cold/rain, a very fast 5 mile decent is the last thing you want to do. I was shivering so uncontrollably that my front end was getting wobbly. When I finally reached the bottom I realized that this was happening to everyone.


Later into the ride gravel got sucked into a rear Di2 derailleur and that was that.


Some people turned off from there for a shorter ride and we continued to the apple orchard climb.






After a few climbs and decents we stopped at a local gas station.  Trash can icecream?

20120403-125822.jpgWe took the backside of the mountain home.  It was more than brutal.  The legs hurt like they hadnt hurt in a long long time.  A few people even caught the SAG home 🙂




Jay made us a sweet bonfire.



The next morning it was much nicer out.



After the ride I took advantage of a sweet bubble bath with a beer or two.


The next morning instead of riding we watched the Tour of Flanders


And then like that it was over. We did make a stop for gas at the closest gas station and took in the scenery. The car ride back was fun with stories and naps mixed in.

Eventually made it back to Norristown, packed my bag, and got ready to ride home. Of course right around then it started to rain. The SRT was a nice change of pace compared to the hilly terrain of WV. Eventually the rain picked up and by Kelly drive I was soaked head to foot and I realized I was under dressed. Cranked the rest of the way home, took a hot bath and got ready for the work week. It was a good weekend for sure.