20 Apr

Uneventful week so far. Been feeling better lately. Still trying to get 8hrs of sleep, commute everyday, and get a leisurely ride in during the weekend. Havn’t tested the legs in a little whiles but its hard not to push it when the weathers so nice.

Cruised to a island inspired birthday this week.


Even got a Piña colada before declaring it was way too sweet and switching to beer.


The fog this morning was thick in some places. I dont remeber them calling for it last night but o well. Its still knee/arm warmer weather in the morning so Im happy.


The practice parallel parking set-up was changed as well.  Out with the tires and logs, in with boxes and trays.


I sometime cross over the train tracks to bypass a busy intersection or two. I did get yelled at a week ago by a women who was waiting for the train with her folding bike for riding my bike across the tracks. Im not sure if pushing your self with one foot off is considered riding but oh well.


Also saw they recently put up these nifty East Coast Greenway signs. Havnt noticed these anywhere else but Im going to keep my eyes out now.



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