22 Apr

Saturday turned out to be much nicer than anticipated. I rode out on the SRT to Collegeville to pick up a couple parts and test ride a few bikes at the team’s shop, Bikesport. Ran into a 5k on west river drive. I even saw a guy running with a GoPro affixed to his cranium.


I haven’t done any long rides in a while so it was good to be in the saddle for a bit.

Little SRT action.


‘Touring’ status in the making


I had never been up on the Perkiomen trail before. I forgot the trail turned to gravel at some point but it wasn’t bad.




I own a lot of bikes, but no MTB. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for a while to shred some trails and do some racing. I don’t know it looks like fun. Anyways with the help of a couple friends/bike shop employees/cx instructor boy genius Ryan, Im starting to get a grasp of what I want on the bike. Only thing is the price keeps going up not down… eh whatever I got some tax return money (I think that’s what im suppose to say here)

Anyways im thinking a Niner. Definitely going geared as I plan on riding to the trails/maybe a winter commuter. Thinking shimano. Stans wheels? Not sure on the rest. If you have any advice let me know as im clueless.


Also when did mail in rebates start coming around for beer??



Cruising home.




The trail was peppered with giant clouds of gnats. I made sure to keep the mouth shut and head down but they ended up stuck to me either way.



The rain came Saturday night and kept me from being on the bike Sunday.  Instead did some yoga and stretching as my IT band is killing me right now.



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