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Here Comes the Summer.

31 May

The long weekend was nice. No real riding was done, but the cruiser was out in full effect.  First up was to check out a new beer garden spot on the Delaware. They have a decent selection of ‘craft beer’ and some alright sounding food options. I think it would be best as a day drinking spot personally.



We cruised over to Belgium Café the next night for some beer and food.  The Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge was why I came and a perfect sour to drink during the heat.  Ive had the Nogne O Holy Smoke a couple of times in bottle but never on tap, it was quite a bit heavier/thicker on tap.



Then rode over to a friends to help him finish his cyclocross build.  His cat on a lease taking in the sites.


The next day we cruised to some BBQs.  Oh and I wrapped my bars finally.




The trails are quite a bit overgrown these days.


Lounging status/


Cruising to what else but a bar 🙂


Next day we drove out to the suburbs and lived the life for a bit.



Some interesting artwork that I hadnt seen before.


Next day was beach day.  Key is to go after memorial day, then you dont have to deal with people.




Back in the saddle.

25 May

After confirmation yesterday at the doctor’s office that my knee pain was just from overuse and tight muscles/imbalance, I gave the ride to work a go. Game plan was to spin the legs out, push small gears, and try really really hard not to get too wild. I don’t know why its so hard for me to ride at a low intensity sometimes, maybe being off the bike for so long I have built up a good amount of the ‘I just want to ride’ syndrome or maybe I like to ride fast? Either way I did an alright job of not pushing too hard. The constant start and stop through the city can be tough though. Since its my right knee that giving me issues and I usually keep my right leg clipped in, means that I need to push off from a start with my right leg. Ive been either soft peddling at first to barely get going, standing a bit, or unclipping the other foot but that feels a bit weird sometimes.

I cruised the Ridley in this morning/ I don’t think I ever posted on here of the outcome but a while back my rear SRAM Force shifter failed during a road ride. I got in home pulled it off and took it to Bicycle Therapy SRAM was amazing a at warrantying the shifter at least compared to Shimano. The shop called me a few days after they shipped it and let me know SRAM was sending me a new replacement. Very nice! The only caviote to that is you need to have a shop install your shifter. Not that big of an issue but o well. It took abit longer than I was expecting to get the bike done but im sure they had a large queue.

Fast forward a bit and Ive been working on all the bikes around the apartment. I still need to do a few more things but all bikes are in running condition minus my old commuter in which I cracked the frame… One of my goals now that there are a plethora of race rigs is to have all the Shimano/SRAM wheels able to swap bikes without any derailleur adjustments.

I wanted to check the position before I wrapped the bars this weekend.


Art museum workouts were in full effect this morning.  Almost beach season!



Quite foggy out and amazingly humid.  You forget what weather is sometimes when you jump into a car and get to work to sit in an office for 10+hours.



Saw a sweet Waterford locked up.  I assume they work there as Ive seen it there in the mornings before but I think id be scared of someone stealing it.


Doctors Office

24 May

Ive been on and off the bike since CTC a couple weeks ago. I think I started getting knee pains at miles 60 or so in both knees, maybe pushing too hard into the headwind, but I remember at some point during the night they weren’t an issue. Maybe it was the sub freezing temps? Or maybe something else on my body was hurting worse, I forget. At some point after sunrise on the GAP trail I remember the constant pushing of gears was really taking its toll on my right knee again. After we made it to the point and called in I remember the short/steep climbs in Pittsburgh doing some work on the knee.

Anyways I took a few days off afterwards then tried to the normal bike commute to work, pushed a bit too hard, and had some slight knee pain. I took the next day off but got back in the saddle the next couple days. Same result. I was doing that for a bit until I decided to just take some time off and borrow the ladies car and drive in. Then I picked up the Niner and how could you not ride that on some single track?? Back to knee pain. Last weekend I cruised the Niner at the trail race and got a little over excited on the single track but tried to keep the cadence high and push small gears, but again by the end of the 15+ miles I felt that same nagging pain, not as bad, but it was there. After the recommendation from a friend I decided to actually get it looked at by a doctor.



So yesterday I went to the doctors. To most people this shouldn’t be a big deal but I haven’t been to the doctors for anything minus the routine physical that a job required in many many years. Im not sure why but I chalk it up to that im pretty lazy. After a bunch of maneuvers, leg lifts, one legged squats and other randomness he gave me the run down. I have tight IT bands, tight hamstrings, and really tight hips , oh and my kneecaps don’t move laterally that well… minus the knee cap thing its pretty much what all cyclists who also sit all day at work deal with.

During my one legged squats he noticed my knee was moving inwards which was a sign that I needed to work on the stability muscles on the inside. My knee not tracking well needs to be addressed since its putting more force on that area, ie not helping my knee issue. The analysis was that the injury should mend itself with some time off. To aid in the process Im going to do some strengthening to work on my muscle imbalance as well as a good deal of stretching everyday.

On the ride home I was behind this bus promoting the big philly race.

The other night a friend brought over a bottle of Dark Intrigue.  A single batch of Victory’s Storm King that was aged in bourbon barrels.  Fine indeed.



21 May

Quite a nice weekend out. Got out a bit early Friday and rode by Pep-boys to pick up a battery for the BMW.

Cruiser city bike in full effect. Someone did ask me this weekend if the seat cover was a shower cap…



Quick install.


And she started right up. Few more small tasks and she should be on the road soon.


Next up was happy hour + free chips y salsa.


Then some more afternoon drinking.


Saturday was the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.  There were some interesting bikes out this year but i liked the fish the best.   They used CDs and pieces of garden hose to get the gill effect.


We hung out at our buddies motorcycle booth selling clothing most of the day taking in the sights and sounds.


The ‘janky’ bike we put together last year for this event.  Its a fixed chopper with a front motorcycle wheel as the rear wheel and super narrow bars, ie a deathtrap.


After a long day in the sun we were hungry.  I decided to go pick up a pizza and relax at home.


Sunday morning we ventured up to the Northeast to Pennypack Park when the lady had a 25k trail race.  I was able to cruise around on the mtb, hit a few of the trails, and take some photos.  I forgot my cowbell like usual but was able to download a cowbell app on the phone.  It did a pretty poor job of replicating the sound of a cowbell but did help me out as its hard to motivate people without a bell.




Got home and got back to work on the 2002.


That night we went out to a friends for some food/drinks and I ran into this bike.  Your doing it wrong…


Off the bike.

16 May

Ive been on and off the bike for the last couple weeks. I took a bit of a break after the 400miles of CTC to let me right knee heal a bit. I had pushed through some knee pain on from early on which eventually went away but the next morning on the ~90miles of crushed limestone trail the constant pushing aggravated it again. I should have stayed off the bike a bit longer but went back to commuting to work. After a couple days the pedaling motion was killing my knee again to the point where I could feel it when I walked.

Last weekend I should have let the knee rest some more but not riding a bike you just bought would be insane. Goal for this week is to stay off the bike and get this knee back in shape. There are a couple road races coming up that Id like to do as well as try some MTB racing. Lots of icing and taking it easy will happen until then.

In the mean time Ive been working on bikes trying to get them all in running order. A buddy sold me a DA/105 group to throw on the Spooky CX after the rear shifter locked up a while back. Just started getting that bad boy up and running. Need to throw on a different rear brake cable and wrap the bars but its almost there. Wouldn’t mind picking up a compact for it as well but ill live with the 39t for now.

The cats usually help me work on bikes while watching shitty Netflix.




Its definitely been a bit wet around here so not riding isnt a huge pain but i do feel pretty lazy in the car everyday. I usually take a look at the weather before I go to bed then when I wake up in the morning to try and plan what Im going to wear/bring with me for the commute. None of that is needed when you hop into a car. The car really shelters you from the weather and your surroundings, which can be nice but you also miss quite a bit.

Weve been looking for a new apartment as of late and saw this makeshift cover to keep water out of the gas tank.


stray cats doing their thing/staying dry

Not riding to work everyday means I can get up and go without much effort. This also means I can consume more beer. Lats night consisted of a few from Yards, Slyfox, and Dogfishhead.



14 May

So I finally got a mtb. I started off wanting a used hardtail 29er, something fairly cheap… after looking and not finding what I wanted for the price I was looking for it made more sense to go new since Bikesport could get me a good deal on a Trek or Niner. Their mtb team all rode Niners so I figured why not, plus I need street cred. So I started specing out a new Niner frame and found out they wont have any frames in for at least a month or so… back to the drawing board. Im not so good at waiting and started looking at used bikes again. As usual my budget had gone from low to high but I found a bike that was serviced religiously at Bikesport and knew the owner through friends.

Some semi-proper shots.

Anyways I couldn’t post photos of the bike before I got to ride it. Saturday morning Bob, the lady, and I cruised out to Belmont in order to ride some single track. The trails out there are really tight and involve a lot of hopping of logs. I don’t know many of the trails out there but had ridden them once during the X-mas cross ‘race’ where I had a really tough time staying on my cx bike as I couldn’t ride a lot of the logs/rocks. On the ride over a guy did try to buy/trade me his bike for mine. Ive never had that happen before.

Thanks for the picture Bob!


Bob was nice enough to show us around a bit. And the lady did really well considering it was her first time riding her new cx bike, had never ridden SRAM before, and never ridden single track/off the pavement. She was off and on the bike a bit but was able to hop a bunch of logs once she got momentum. We had a blast.



Other randoms from the weekend/

My buddy who was going to do CTC with me a couple weekends ago is leaving today on a cross country ride. Good to catch up and crack a few beers before the journey started.


We went out for mothers day brunch but without our moms.


I dont think its littering if you jam them into a pole.


cruising home stuffed.


One in, One out.

10 May

Now that there are new bikes coming in, the lady made the precedence that its one bike in, one bike out. I guess having more money tied up in bikes than in anything else I own could be the issue or the 10 ‘inside bikes’ we now have in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment.

Anyways if anyone looking for parts Im in SELL mode right now. 1st on the list is the Salsa Vaya a picked up a few months back. It was a tad small on me but i like the idea of the bike. If you know anyone looking for a commuter/touring rig send them mt way 😀 Not sure if itll get sold as a frame or SS, or geared but well see.

Salsa Vaya – 54 effective TT

White Industries ENO single-speed cranks

White Industires ENO disc wheels (eccentric) – 700c/29er