Weekend Wrap Up

8 May

Friday night the lady and I cruised out to meet a friend for a bit then went to dinner. It was a nice night to cruise.



I kept it early Friday night as Saturday morning was the Trexlertown Swap. I had some parts laying around that could be sold and friends with a couple tables.




I got rid of a couple things but ended up coming home with another bike…


So my real goal of going up early was to find the lady a cyclocross bike. She wanted a bike to race cross this upcoming season. Badass! Nothing like 45minutes of pain and agony in the cold. I’ve seriously been hounding the internet trying to find her a bike. I don’t mind as I like searching for deals but I wanted to get her a bike way before the season started so she could really get comfortable on the bike before hitting the dirt.

Anyways her budget got pushed a bit but shes got a ridiculous bike. Actually very jealous of it right now as she has the same frame I race just a full carbon version…




Sunday morning was the broad street run. The lady had been training and I was on tap for riding the course and cheering. I failed. I saw her once then did a poor job of finding her again.

Met up with some friends to cruise up north to the start.



Did our fair share of routing people on / heckling them.



The lady killed it and ran her fastest time for Broad St.  Afterwards we ate at Cantina where it seriously took 3 hours.  It was terrible.


We got home, relaxed, and cracked a gueuze that we brought home from Belgium last year.  Just as amazing as I remembered it to be…



2 Responses to “Weekend Wrap Up”

  1. kimbro May 8, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Did you sell the ENO crankset? If not, how much you want for it?

    • Eric May 8, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

      No, they’re still around. Ill shoot you an email.

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