14 May

So I finally got a mtb. I started off wanting a used hardtail 29er, something fairly cheap… after looking and not finding what I wanted for the price I was looking for it made more sense to go new since Bikesport could get me a good deal on a Trek or Niner. Their mtb team all rode Niners so I figured why not, plus I need street cred. So I started specing out a new Niner frame and found out they wont have any frames in for at least a month or so… back to the drawing board. Im not so good at waiting and started looking at used bikes again. As usual my budget had gone from low to high but I found a bike that was serviced religiously at Bikesport and knew the owner through friends.

Some semi-proper shots.

Anyways I couldn’t post photos of the bike before I got to ride it. Saturday morning Bob, the lady, and I cruised out to Belmont in order to ride some single track. The trails out there are really tight and involve a lot of hopping of logs. I don’t know many of the trails out there but had ridden them once during the X-mas cross ‘race’ where I had a really tough time staying on my cx bike as I couldn’t ride a lot of the logs/rocks. On the ride over a guy did try to buy/trade me his bike for mine. Ive never had that happen before.

Thanks for the picture Bob!


Bob was nice enough to show us around a bit. And the lady did really well considering it was her first time riding her new cx bike, had never ridden SRAM before, and never ridden single track/off the pavement. She was off and on the bike a bit but was able to hop a bunch of logs once she got momentum. We had a blast.



Other randoms from the weekend/

My buddy who was going to do CTC with me a couple weekends ago is leaving today on a cross country ride. Good to catch up and crack a few beers before the journey started.


We went out for mothers day brunch but without our moms.


I dont think its littering if you jam them into a pole.


cruising home stuffed.


One Response to “Niner.”

  1. kimbro May 14, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    Oh man, you didn’t say anything about the wheels! Now I’m double-jealous.

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