Off the bike.

16 May

Ive been on and off the bike for the last couple weeks. I took a bit of a break after the 400miles of CTC to let me right knee heal a bit. I had pushed through some knee pain on from early on which eventually went away but the next morning on the ~90miles of crushed limestone trail the constant pushing aggravated it again. I should have stayed off the bike a bit longer but went back to commuting to work. After a couple days the pedaling motion was killing my knee again to the point where I could feel it when I walked.

Last weekend I should have let the knee rest some more but not riding a bike you just bought would be insane. Goal for this week is to stay off the bike and get this knee back in shape. There are a couple road races coming up that Id like to do as well as try some MTB racing. Lots of icing and taking it easy will happen until then.

In the mean time Ive been working on bikes trying to get them all in running order. A buddy sold me a DA/105 group to throw on the Spooky CX after the rear shifter locked up a while back. Just started getting that bad boy up and running. Need to throw on a different rear brake cable and wrap the bars but its almost there. Wouldn’t mind picking up a compact for it as well but ill live with the 39t for now.

The cats usually help me work on bikes while watching shitty Netflix.




Its definitely been a bit wet around here so not riding isnt a huge pain but i do feel pretty lazy in the car everyday. I usually take a look at the weather before I go to bed then when I wake up in the morning to try and plan what Im going to wear/bring with me for the commute. None of that is needed when you hop into a car. The car really shelters you from the weather and your surroundings, which can be nice but you also miss quite a bit.

Weve been looking for a new apartment as of late and saw this makeshift cover to keep water out of the gas tank.


stray cats doing their thing/staying dry

Not riding to work everyday means I can get up and go without much effort. This also means I can consume more beer. Lats night consisted of a few from Yards, Slyfox, and Dogfishhead.



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