21 May

Quite a nice weekend out. Got out a bit early Friday and rode by Pep-boys to pick up a battery for the BMW.

Cruiser city bike in full effect. Someone did ask me this weekend if the seat cover was a shower cap…



Quick install.


And she started right up. Few more small tasks and she should be on the road soon.


Next up was happy hour + free chips y salsa.


Then some more afternoon drinking.


Saturday was the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.  There were some interesting bikes out this year but i liked the fish the best.   They used CDs and pieces of garden hose to get the gill effect.


We hung out at our buddies motorcycle booth selling clothing most of the day taking in the sights and sounds.


The ‘janky’ bike we put together last year for this event.  Its a fixed chopper with a front motorcycle wheel as the rear wheel and super narrow bars, ie a deathtrap.


After a long day in the sun we were hungry.  I decided to go pick up a pizza and relax at home.


Sunday morning we ventured up to the Northeast to Pennypack Park when the lady had a 25k trail race.  I was able to cruise around on the mtb, hit a few of the trails, and take some photos.  I forgot my cowbell like usual but was able to download a cowbell app on the phone.  It did a pretty poor job of replicating the sound of a cowbell but did help me out as its hard to motivate people without a bell.




Got home and got back to work on the 2002.


That night we went out to a friends for some food/drinks and I ran into this bike.  Your doing it wrong…



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