Doctors Office

24 May

Ive been on and off the bike since CTC a couple weeks ago. I think I started getting knee pains at miles 60 or so in both knees, maybe pushing too hard into the headwind, but I remember at some point during the night they weren’t an issue. Maybe it was the sub freezing temps? Or maybe something else on my body was hurting worse, I forget. At some point after sunrise on the GAP trail I remember the constant pushing of gears was really taking its toll on my right knee again. After we made it to the point and called in I remember the short/steep climbs in Pittsburgh doing some work on the knee.

Anyways I took a few days off afterwards then tried to the normal bike commute to work, pushed a bit too hard, and had some slight knee pain. I took the next day off but got back in the saddle the next couple days. Same result. I was doing that for a bit until I decided to just take some time off and borrow the ladies car and drive in. Then I picked up the Niner and how could you not ride that on some single track?? Back to knee pain. Last weekend I cruised the Niner at the trail race and got a little over excited on the single track but tried to keep the cadence high and push small gears, but again by the end of the 15+ miles I felt that same nagging pain, not as bad, but it was there. After the recommendation from a friend I decided to actually get it looked at by a doctor.



So yesterday I went to the doctors. To most people this shouldn’t be a big deal but I haven’t been to the doctors for anything minus the routine physical that a job required in many many years. Im not sure why but I chalk it up to that im pretty lazy. After a bunch of maneuvers, leg lifts, one legged squats and other randomness he gave me the run down. I have tight IT bands, tight hamstrings, and really tight hips , oh and my kneecaps don’t move laterally that well… minus the knee cap thing its pretty much what all cyclists who also sit all day at work deal with.

During my one legged squats he noticed my knee was moving inwards which was a sign that I needed to work on the stability muscles on the inside. My knee not tracking well needs to be addressed since its putting more force on that area, ie not helping my knee issue. The analysis was that the injury should mend itself with some time off. To aid in the process Im going to do some strengthening to work on my muscle imbalance as well as a good deal of stretching everyday.

On the ride home I was behind this bus promoting the big philly race.

The other night a friend brought over a bottle of Dark Intrigue.  A single batch of Victory’s Storm King that was aged in bourbon barrels.  Fine indeed.



2 Responses to “Doctors Office”

  1. MOM May 24, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    Glad to hear that you consulted a professional. Hopefully, resting it will provide the answer. You should also do some yoga with “the lady.”

  2. Ben May 29, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    Funny how they suggest riding a bus (instead of bike) to watch a bike race.

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