Back in the saddle.

25 May

After confirmation yesterday at the doctor’s office that my knee pain was just from overuse and tight muscles/imbalance, I gave the ride to work a go. Game plan was to spin the legs out, push small gears, and try really really hard not to get too wild. I don’t know why its so hard for me to ride at a low intensity sometimes, maybe being off the bike for so long I have built up a good amount of the ‘I just want to ride’ syndrome or maybe I like to ride fast? Either way I did an alright job of not pushing too hard. The constant start and stop through the city can be tough though. Since its my right knee that giving me issues and I usually keep my right leg clipped in, means that I need to push off from a start with my right leg. Ive been either soft peddling at first to barely get going, standing a bit, or unclipping the other foot but that feels a bit weird sometimes.

I cruised the Ridley in this morning/ I don’t think I ever posted on here of the outcome but a while back my rear SRAM Force shifter failed during a road ride. I got in home pulled it off and took it to Bicycle Therapy SRAM was amazing a at warrantying the shifter at least compared to Shimano. The shop called me a few days after they shipped it and let me know SRAM was sending me a new replacement. Very nice! The only caviote to that is you need to have a shop install your shifter. Not that big of an issue but o well. It took abit longer than I was expecting to get the bike done but im sure they had a large queue.

Fast forward a bit and Ive been working on all the bikes around the apartment. I still need to do a few more things but all bikes are in running condition minus my old commuter in which I cracked the frame… One of my goals now that there are a plethora of race rigs is to have all the Shimano/SRAM wheels able to swap bikes without any derailleur adjustments.

I wanted to check the position before I wrapped the bars this weekend.


Art museum workouts were in full effect this morning.  Almost beach season!



Quite foggy out and amazingly humid.  You forget what weather is sometimes when you jump into a car and get to work to sit in an office for 10+hours.



Saw a sweet Waterford locked up.  I assume they work there as Ive seen it there in the mornings before but I think id be scared of someone stealing it.



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