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Last week.

19 Jun

Last week I made it out for the first time to the Great Valley training crit. It’s a Nascar type oval track in an industrial park with a slight riser on corner 1 and a slight downhill on the back section. After stopping by the bike shop I cruised over to meet everyone and ride over.


Sat in for 20 laps or so before the knee started hurting.  Jumped off the back and cruised to the start/finish to watch the rest.  Legs felt alright for being off the bike for almost 2 months now, but I could definitely tell the lungs don’t have it any more.




Afterwards walked over to Ironhill for a quick long dinner.



Friday involved a lot of slow poured Standard Pils.  Its going to be rough living even closer to the bar now.


The rest of the weekend was ‘moving day’  A buddy was suppose to get me a moving van but that never happened sowe loaded the ladies car up for multiple trips until things were moved. The big items were going to be an issue… I figured our only way was to throw the roof rack on and get to business. She would drive, I would sit in the passenger front window and hold on for dear life. It wasnt too bad.



Quick pizza break.


Then couch time.  This thing was heavy so I enlisted a buddy to help.  the cats enjoyed the new position of the furniture.



We eventually got the couch outside and found Mrs. White our local ratty stray cat lurking.


After almost dying we got it on the roof and to the new apt.  Need to get lots of bike hooks up asap but the new place is almost there.




Better late than never

14 Jun

A bit late on posting but oh well.   It has been pretty nice out and the knees been feeling a bit better so I decided to take the mtb out to Wissahickon .  A couple of us rode out in the early morn after a late night at the bar.  It was a good mend.


Hermit Cave semi-interesting. I never knew there was a dooms day cult that lived in the park.


I got too rad at some point.  The bike is in shambles.  Meh.


On the ride home I did stumble upon Tim and his new wild man kits from Bell’s Bike Shop.  I think they could give you a seizure.


A party + sparklers ??  cant beat that.


The next day the lady and I cruised out on the SRT to meet up with some friends/teammates who were cruising into the city.



I think we got ~20miles in before meeting up with them.


It was good to cruise and talk.  I am missing longer road rides for sure.


We cruised to Belgium Café a great spot for an outdoor table, good food and great beer.


Rest of the week has been packing and watching the cats get into and sleep in random boxes.  They sure do love boxes…




8 Jun

yesterday was the first time in a while I went out to ride. Ive been neglecting the new mtb so it was well past its time.


The lady was also heading out to yoga so we cruised a bit together.


Last night I headed out to Belmont to check out the Thursday night mtb race they have. The race starts at 6:30pm at the start of the fire road from the entrance off Montgomery. I think the course is changed up weekly and the number of laps changes depending on how many miles you want to put in.



Took a couple photos while racing.




End shot.  Bike is still in one piece.


I got lost a couple times, almost ate shit a couple times, but I had a blast!  The last month of so off the bike rendered me useless for physical activity though.  I have no endurance anymore and my heart rate skyrockets at the smallest push (hr ~210bpm during the climb up parachute hill towards the end).  I also realized how bad I am at mtbing right now.  I was never good technically on the cross bike so its not a surprise.  At the end the knee felt alright.  I pushed a bit harder than I should have at points but its hard not too.

I also learned a couple things:

–          Wearing sunglasses was a bad idea, it was really dark and hard to see much and picking the correct line is crutial.

–          I need gloves.  I have two blisters but maybe that’s from holding on for dear life during the race.

–          I need to ride more.  I have so much to work on.

–          The fast guys are fast.  Not having legs nor technical skill makes for a slow ride.



Also saw Doug there and we all cruised home while I asked them multiple newb questions about this and that.



It had started raining at the end of the race. Sun, rain, rainbow time.


After racing I cruised home to meet back up with the lady.  She had made some dinner that I shoveled down and we cruised up to Memphis Taproom to grab a beer for a Philly Beer Week event with the brewer of De Dolle.  We got there late and missed his talk but I believe this was the first time the brewer had ever been to the US.  The lady ordered a De Dolle Bos Keun a Belgian strong pale ale and I went with a lighter offering from Evil Twin, Ron And The Beast Ryan a saison.  The bar was a bit packed like we excepted so after the beers we cruised a few blocks to my buddies motorbike shop where they were having an open house.  We hung out for a while, drank a few beers and cruised home for the night.



Best beer cooler idea ever.



On the Road Again.

7 Jun

Being off the bike has been good and bad. It’s a nice change of pace, but I cant wait to get back in the saddle for good. I plan to take the Niner out tonight to the Belmont ‘races’ tonight and maybe the Wiss this weekend if its dry. Can’t wait to cruise some single track on the mountain bike! But when you cant ride the only other thing to do is enjoy nice beers and work on other projects.

The last week has been Philly Beer Week. We haven’t done all that many events but Monday night had a nice line up. First up was Brouwerij De Molen, a small brewery out of from Bodegraven, Holland at Monk’s Café. The brewer and his wife were there along with 7 of their beers. They were debuting a collaboration with the owner of Monk’s Café, De Molen Rook & Leer (Smoke and Leather). Like most of there beers, this one was something id never had before, a smoked imperial porter aged in whiskey barrels with brettanomyces. Think boozy without the kick, smoky, and a tad sour, it was excellent. Not sure if itll be out in the world anytime soon as they said it still needed to sit another year or so.

We tried a few more of their offerings, De Molen Bakker vort Brouwer (imperial stout aged in Port barrels, then in malt whiskey barrels), De Molen Mooi & Meedogenloos (an excellent quad!), De Molen Vlaams Lief & Leed (their sour offering), De Molen Vlaams Lief & Leed Kers (sour w/ cherries), and  De Molen Hemel & Aarde which was so smoky that as my buddy told me “its like drinking a cigar…” an excellent cigar!


After feeling a bit boozy, we made plans for a quick meal. Staying in the euro vibe we headed to Maoz for falafel. The game plan was to then walk next door to The Farmers Cabinet for a couple more. There were a couple beers on my radar that that I needed to get into.
First up was Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2008, a super sour lambic a must try if your into that sort of thing, and the Alvinne Morpheus Wild Undressed Monbazillac another sour. Id never been to Farmers Cabinet before, it’s a cool atmosphere where they make the bartenders where ‘old timey’ garb and maybe suggest wild facial hair? They do have a legit draught list from all over the world but youll definitely pay for it. With prices ~ $10 for a glass/goblet + a dollar tax + a dollar tip, it would be easy to go home broke here. So after spending some money I decided why not go for another round and went after the De Dochter van de Korenaar L’Enfante Terrible (another sour) and to break it up t Smisje Speciaal 2009 (a spiced pumpkin ale). Cant wait for a couple more events this week/weekend.



Unfortunately you can only drink so much beer and still function/keep money in your pockets so bike/car work is the only other option. Ive been in the process of getting the 2002 back on the road for a bit now. I finally got insurance on it again and have been working on small projects throughout the week. Many things have been checked off the list and shes almost ready to be legally on the road.


I fixed up an exhaust leak and needed to grab some odds and ends at pepboys. Might as well take the beast out for a spin. I almost forgot how tough it is to drive but it was a blast. Hopefully ill get it inspected soon and get it dialed in.




4 Jun

Kind of a lazy weekend with not too much getting done. Friday night was the start of Philly’s Beer Week. I have a couple things on the calendar but not as many as years past. Should be a good time though.


Saturday morning I woke up a little late but made it to the end of the Philly TT that’s held on west river drive. I missed most of them but oh well.


The lady wanted to cruise around on her cross bike so after the TT we headed out to Fairmount.


My knees still giving me issues so it was more of me standing there trying to teach her a couple things. Game plan was to start working on mounts/dismounts. There was a fall or two, but by the end she was getting the hang of it. I need to pick up some compact bars for her rig, take off the cross-levers, and rerwrap the bars asap as the cockpit is a bit wide & stretched out for her.


When we got home I got to packing up the Salsa Vaya. But before that could happen i gave the cats ample time to enjoy the box. They did. Down 2 bikes in the last month.




After that we went to a buddies going away BBQ. Hes riding across America doing bike and build in a week or so.

Beer, food, kickball, slip and slides, and bikes were on tap.






Sunday morning was the big Philly Pro Race.  Always a really good time watching men and women crusing around our hometown.  We posted up towards the bottom of Lemon Hill this year and to be honest there was a lot less people than normal.  Im not sure why but there was plenty of room, ie no reason to get there early.  They also didn’t have metal fencing this year which made moving around a lot easier.  There was a good deal of screaming, cow bell ringing (which I have blisters from), and heckling from our group.





Towards the end a friend brought an ‘merican flag.  People took their turns running up with the riders who got #dropadelphia’d.  Most came back down the hill a bit out of breath but with a new beer in there hand.  It was a good day.