4 Jun

Kind of a lazy weekend with not too much getting done. Friday night was the start of Philly’s Beer Week. I have a couple things on the calendar but not as many as years past. Should be a good time though.


Saturday morning I woke up a little late but made it to the end of the Philly TT that’s held on west river drive. I missed most of them but oh well.


The lady wanted to cruise around on her cross bike so after the TT we headed out to Fairmount.


My knees still giving me issues so it was more of me standing there trying to teach her a couple things. Game plan was to start working on mounts/dismounts. There was a fall or two, but by the end she was getting the hang of it. I need to pick up some compact bars for her rig, take off the cross-levers, and rerwrap the bars asap as the cockpit is a bit wide & stretched out for her.


When we got home I got to packing up the Salsa Vaya. But before that could happen i gave the cats ample time to enjoy the box. They did. Down 2 bikes in the last month.




After that we went to a buddies going away BBQ. Hes riding across America doing bike and build in a week or so. http://alexbloom.us/

Beer, food, kickball, slip and slides, and bikes were on tap.






Sunday morning was the big Philly Pro Race.  Always a really good time watching men and women crusing around our hometown.  We posted up towards the bottom of Lemon Hill this year and to be honest there was a lot less people than normal.  Im not sure why but there was plenty of room, ie no reason to get there early.  They also didn’t have metal fencing this year which made moving around a lot easier.  There was a good deal of screaming, cow bell ringing (which I have blisters from), and heckling from our group.





Towards the end a friend brought an ‘merican flag.  People took their turns running up with the riders who got #dropadelphia’d.  Most came back down the hill a bit out of breath but with a new beer in there hand.  It was a good day.



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