8 Jun

yesterday was the first time in a while I went out to ride. Ive been neglecting the new mtb so it was well past its time.


The lady was also heading out to yoga so we cruised a bit together.


Last night I headed out to Belmont to check out the Thursday night mtb race they have. The race starts at 6:30pm at the start of the fire road from the entrance off Montgomery. I think the course is changed up weekly and the number of laps changes depending on how many miles you want to put in.



Took a couple photos while racing.




End shot.  Bike is still in one piece.


I got lost a couple times, almost ate shit a couple times, but I had a blast!  The last month of so off the bike rendered me useless for physical activity though.  I have no endurance anymore and my heart rate skyrockets at the smallest push (hr ~210bpm during the climb up parachute hill towards the end).  I also realized how bad I am at mtbing right now.  I was never good technically on the cross bike so its not a surprise.  At the end the knee felt alright.  I pushed a bit harder than I should have at points but its hard not too.

I also learned a couple things:

–          Wearing sunglasses was a bad idea, it was really dark and hard to see much and picking the correct line is crutial.

–          I need gloves.  I have two blisters but maybe that’s from holding on for dear life during the race.

–          I need to ride more.  I have so much to work on.

–          The fast guys are fast.  Not having legs nor technical skill makes for a slow ride.



Also saw Doug there and we all cruised home while I asked them multiple newb questions about this and that.



It had started raining at the end of the race. Sun, rain, rainbow time.


After racing I cruised home to meet back up with the lady.  She had made some dinner that I shoveled down and we cruised up to Memphis Taproom to grab a beer for a Philly Beer Week event with the brewer of De Dolle.  We got there late and missed his talk but I believe this was the first time the brewer had ever been to the US.  The lady ordered a De Dolle Bos Keun a Belgian strong pale ale and I went with a lighter offering from Evil Twin, Ron And The Beast Ryan a saison.  The bar was a bit packed like we excepted so after the beers we cruised a few blocks to my buddies motorbike shop where they were having an open house.  We hung out for a while, drank a few beers and cruised home for the night.



Best beer cooler idea ever.




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