Better late than never

14 Jun

A bit late on posting but oh well.   It has been pretty nice out and the knees been feeling a bit better so I decided to take the mtb out to Wissahickon .  A couple of us rode out in the early morn after a late night at the bar.  It was a good mend.


Hermit Cave semi-interesting. I never knew there was a dooms day cult that lived in the park.


I got too rad at some point.  The bike is in shambles.  Meh.


On the ride home I did stumble upon Tim and his new wild man kits from Bell’s Bike Shop.  I think they could give you a seizure.


A party + sparklers ??  cant beat that.


The next day the lady and I cruised out on the SRT to meet up with some friends/teammates who were cruising into the city.



I think we got ~20miles in before meeting up with them.


It was good to cruise and talk.  I am missing longer road rides for sure.


We cruised to Belgium Café a great spot for an outdoor table, good food and great beer.


Rest of the week has been packing and watching the cats get into and sleep in random boxes.  They sure do love boxes…




2 Responses to “Better late than never”

  1. CW July 3, 2012 at 4:26 am #

    Whose kit is the one that says kind on it? Thats slick!

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