Last week.

19 Jun

Last week I made it out for the first time to the Great Valley training crit. It’s a Nascar type oval track in an industrial park with a slight riser on corner 1 and a slight downhill on the back section. After stopping by the bike shop I cruised over to meet everyone and ride over.


Sat in for 20 laps or so before the knee started hurting.  Jumped off the back and cruised to the start/finish to watch the rest.  Legs felt alright for being off the bike for almost 2 months now, but I could definitely tell the lungs don’t have it any more.




Afterwards walked over to Ironhill for a quick long dinner.



Friday involved a lot of slow poured Standard Pils.  Its going to be rough living even closer to the bar now.


The rest of the weekend was ‘moving day’  A buddy was suppose to get me a moving van but that never happened sowe loaded the ladies car up for multiple trips until things were moved. The big items were going to be an issue… I figured our only way was to throw the roof rack on and get to business. She would drive, I would sit in the passenger front window and hold on for dear life. It wasnt too bad.



Quick pizza break.


Then couch time.  This thing was heavy so I enlisted a buddy to help.  the cats enjoyed the new position of the furniture.



We eventually got the couch outside and found Mrs. White our local ratty stray cat lurking.


After almost dying we got it on the roof and to the new apt.  Need to get lots of bike hooks up asap but the new place is almost there.




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