3 Jul

Ive been slacking pretty hard these days, I know.  The problem is this blog is about my commute to work, on a bike, not  in a car… so I have very little to report.  Im still off the bike as far as anything excessive goes and really trying to limit the amount of time I ride other than to get groceries/around town.  I need my knee to heal completely and properly asap as i think im seriously going stir crazy.

Quick recap of the last two weeks:

The lady and I cruised out a day to meet up with some teammates on the SRT.


Shes been trying to get some miles in for her first season of racing cyclocross this fall and an upcoming duathlon in a month or so.  Shes almost got the look down which as we know is 90-95% of the game.




Im not glad to be off the bike but it has been HOT and a humid around these parts.  Ive been trying to relax as much as possible, stretch, and strengthen the knee.  But mostly just the relaxing part.  Theres been a couple random pool sessions.


And motorbike rides to the beach.



Last night I cruised through Chinatown on the way to meet up with a buddy.  I was impressed by the hanging American flag banners thatthey had all over strung up.  I guess everyones in the spirit.


Cruiser/city bike in full force.  I even threw the lady bug bell on her to spruce things up though it rings over every crack and crebvice in the road, which is why I think I took it off before.  I also picked up a new front blinky.  Its a knog rechargeable via usb thats integrated into the light.  No more finding wires or needing to bring/keep them at work, its plug and recharge.  I also really likeed the light output.  Too soon to tell about quality and longevity but all in time.  Ill report back.


City hall was a blur.  I forgot how much fun it is to cruise around the city when there are little to no cars.  It was a great night.


They do.


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