The 4th

5 Jul

It was nice to have Wednesday off, but most of the day felt like a Sunday for some reason. We just moved into out new apartment this month and still trying to figure things out. It’s still a 1 bedroom and a tad smaller, but a lot cheaper. The last few days Ive been trying to figure out bike storage as 6+ ‘indoor’ bikes need theyre own space. I had envisioned a fleet staying in the basement but with the dirt floor its just a bit too damp/muggy for the nicer bikes. I have been eying up the stairwell into the basement though and figured that would be a perfect place to hang a few of them. Ive been slowly building up my own tool collection as projects come up as well. Nothing better than buying new tools, other than maybe buying a new bike


I put the Tour de France on and got to work. After a bit of drilling, some Tour watching, and screwing in some cheap bike hooks, there were 3 bikes out of the way. Only 3 more to go. I have some ideas but need to pick up some masonry bits and vertical bike hangers for the rest.


After feeling productive with my morning activities we were off to a bbq or two.  The lady had made a couple dishes, one included a red/white/blue bunt cake.



Next up was firework watching.  After stopping for dinner we cruised to a friends with a roof deck.  If you’ve never been around the city during the fireworks it gets nuts and fast, especially if your close to the art museum.  Even riding through the traffic is wild as its gridlocked and most of the people aren’t use to driving in the city.



Mandatory firework shot.


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