9 Jul

This weekend was a busy one. There is actually some cycling that happened as well, fancy that! The cats have started to enjoy the hanging bikes. Ive found that our one cat really enjoys the bar ends, shifters, or seat to do his head scratching.


Next up was checking out my buddies band who was playing at the re-opened jazz club, Ortlieb’s Lounge.  The history of the tavern and the brewery next to it is pretty interesting.


Saurday we cruised out to the burbs.  On the way we did some damage at Su Tao, a vegan Chinese buffet.  I think it might be my favorite of the many buffets in the area since you can also enjoy non-heart stopping food like salad/fruit.


We drove out to West Chester for the pro race called the Ironhill Twilight Criterium.  The course is a four corner crit downtown in the city.  There are always a few crashes in the beginning and usually a break that gets away.  This year was the same.  Its always wild to watch how fast these guys truck.  Its like a whole different ball game.




We stayed out in the burbs that night and drove out to French Creek State Park for a trail race the lady was doing.  I brought the cross bike, a cowbell, and a camera.  I also brought my ‘viva la tour’ socks!  The trails out there are pretty much covered in rocks.  Some of it was ridable on a cross bikes, others were hike-a-bike.  I didn’t ride all that much but was able to cheer/cowbell-it-up at various locations.  Some guy even recognized my cowbell from a previous trail race, I guess in thew world of running they done use cowbells much?


After the race we got our history on at Hopewell Furnace.


We played with some farm animals for a bit then cruised home to relax before the work week.



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