Back back in the saddle

10 Jul

Sundays quick ride at French Creek was the first time I’ve ridden in over 2 months that my knee hasn’t been hurting/throbbing by the end of the ride. Mind you I wasn’t pushing it too too hard, and only did 7 miles. So last night I wanted to gauge how the knee was actually doing. The knee was going to feel better, or I was going back to the doctors.

I met up with a couple buddies for a loop around Fairmount. After warming up a bit I gave a few ‘spirited’ goes. The legs felt great, they’ve never been this well rested before, but the lungs… well they felt like shit. After a small effort my heart rate was pegged to the roof waaaay too quickly. I looked down, 200bmp… not good at all. A couple of the big ring climbs turned into me painting in the small ring. The legs still were able to put the pain in, the lungs just weren’t able to recover. I know im out of shape right now but I couldn’t be more excited to be back on the bike.

The last 2 months after CTC have been brutal with the lack of riding/racing. Game plan is to jump back in pretty easy, maybe commute a day or two and see how it goes. I’m just excited to see some progression in the knee finally. Never was expecting the recovery to take this long but good things are on the horizon, plus its almost cyclocross season!





My buddies back up full DA Colnago.  Ive never gotten into the old steel revolution but this is a sweet rig.



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