16 Jul

Felt like a busy weekend which was good. The weekend mostly consisted of friends visiting from out of town, birthdays, bbqs, and a bit of bike riding. As much as I want to ride everyday Im trying to keep the miles down and not jump back into 150+ mile weeks, ie the daily commute.

Since Friday was national French fry day (or so I was told by the lady) we ended up at Good Dog for some drinks and a pile of sweet/regular fries with a bunch of friends.


The ride home was nice, well it was nice out. I havnt been drinking alcohol for a bit so our ride at 3am was much different than usual. I don’t think I ever took notice to how drunk some of the people actually are who try and ride home after the bar… it was amazing in a car wreck type of way. I watched a character spend a solid 2 minutes trying to get his U-lock back together after unlocking his bike, then proceed to do the swerve move when your attempting to get up to speed on your bike for a good 500m. Ahh anyway, the ride home with little to no traffic and low temps was fun. Ripping around on the cruiser, seeing the usually bustling streets dead.. its hard to beat that. It also reminded me that while I was off the bike for 2 months, there had been a lot of new Strava segments made in the city and some KOMs I lost during that time. A few late night/early morning sessions are in order to get some KOMs back once I can mash the pedals again.



Saturday morning got the car inspected (im pretty exited about this).


Went to a bbq that turned into a block party.



Then out to the burbs for some birthday wishes and to keep my buddy company after a compound leg fracture last week.  Riding a bmx bike for a living has its advantages and disadvantages.  I think the pain pills + beer kept him in a good mood though.


After getting back to the city a later that night and then off to another birthday party, I got to bed and woke up early to head down for a race at the naval yard. I wasn’t racing but had some friends/teammates who I could cheer on.



After the race we rode up to a friends new restaurant and got some food/ice cream.



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