Bad Things Come In Three’s

20 Jul

This summer hasn’t been the best to me. After wrecking my knee during the last push of Crush the Commonwealth, I then broke my mtb frame… Earlier this week I got clipped by an SUV after they decided to run a red. The lights on this stretch are timed and I was catching lights (garmin says 25mph). I gave a glance to the right and saw two cars stopped (2 lane road with a bike lane that sometimes turns into a turn lane) and didn’t think much of it then continued to pedal as I got the green. Once I got to the start of the intersection I caught the SUV in the corner of my eye. I couldn’t see that they weren’t planning on stopping before because of the parked cars along the road. I was able to brake/turn enough that the vehicle that it only hit my front wheels and shifters without hitting my bars (somehow). From my quick glance id say they were going ~45mph as its one of those fast roads in the city. Not sure what happened next but I remember having one of those ‘oh shit’ moments before things go south. I ended up sliding on my back pretty far but luckily had a bookbag filled with tupperware/clothing from the day at work. It was over as quickly as it started compared to some other accidents ive been in where there is time to react. I popped up hastily and did a once over. Body was in one piece and my head didn’t hurt. I guess the driver wasn’t in the mood to stop and no one who saw it could give me the tag number, bummer.

Checked the bike and gear out. Wheel was in pretty good shape, the impact just loosened the headset and turned the wheel. The right shifter was busted and the left a bit tweaked. Hoping I can get the right shifter warrantied or at least a crash replacement. I broke my Rx sunglasses (which im a bit pissed about) but luckily my Rudy Project sunglasses are still under the 1 year old warranty so I can send them back for ~$50. Also landed on my Iphone in my rear jersey pocket and cracked the screen pretty nicely. I knew id be breaking phones as its part of my being so I have iphone insurance 🙂

Hard to say if this is good or bad. Obviously getting hit when its not your fault is the pits, but I cant help to not see the good in it. No broken bones, no hospital trip, no nothing. I mean I have some road rash, bruising, and the neck/back is a bit torqued, but nothing that bad. I hope to be as careful as I can but there’s always that ‘X’ factor that you cant control. Keep those fingers crossed and hope for the best, I was lucky this round.




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