Outer banks i

31 Jul

Im getting pretty bad at blogging again. There are plenty of pointless photos and text on there way so don’t worry. Last week I took a vacation down to the outer banks for some R&R. There were nice skies on the drive down but a wild amount of traffic closer towards the island. I almost went crazy with the long drive + stop and go traffic at the end.


I had to do some ‘relaxing’ and went out on a short cruise. You can either ride north or south. I picked south since a little up the road heading north had an intimidating raised bridge with no shoulder to deal with. I was hoping the same wasn’t true for the south.





At about 20 miles in I hit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  I had been there before but took a quick photo, filled a bottle and debated what was next.  Didn’t want to end the ride and head back already so I kept going south.



The idea of riding roads that butted up to sand on either side made the ride more of a journey for some reason.  I really enjoyed it for some reason.



I had quickly glanced at a map before I left and Gmaps had shown a gap in the road from the south island to the next.  I thought it had just loaded in correctly but I found out there was a ferry to get across.



I didn’t end up taking the ferry but headed down another half mile to where the road met beach.  I did a bit of hike-a-bike to take in the scenery.






1 part tan to 1 part sand


I Ended up riding 70 miles at a fun pace.  The change in elevation down there was a amazing.  Strava showed my max elevation gain was 11ft and my min was 1ft… but where there are no hills there is plenty of strong wind 🙂


The rest of the day was almond white russians and lounging.  Ill post more vacation content in the next couple of days.



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