Outer banks ii

1 Aug

Theres only so much one can do at the beach when one doesn’t read and cant sit still for long periods of time. So we ended up doing some exploring and watching storms to supplement our time.



When the torrential downpours finally stopped a couple of us went to ride some bumex.  We ended up riding 3 cement parks that were all pretty close.  I was amazed that all the parks had little to no shade.  I guess everyone down there is use to the blistering heat?  Anyways some shredding took place.




At some point I moved to margaritas and found out that im border line illiterate and ive been playing scrabble wrong for a while.  Guess they were right when they said that reading would help your vocabulary.  Oh well.


The last day we were at the beach the lady and I went for a ride.  As we made a left onto the main road heading south I figured we were in for a interesting ride.  The wind was coming from them north and blowing hard.  I knew there were some stava segments on the route and figured she could grab a couple QOMs (ie what cycling’s all about these days).  Being that it was dead flat we had a constant tailwind so pushing in the mid 20’s was almost effortless.  The game plan was to do 20 or so but because I didn’t know where the strava segments stopped, we pushed a bit farther.  Once I was confident that a couple of QOMs were dominated, we turned back around.

Im not sure if the lady had ever dealt with a constant unrelenting headwind before or not.  She took a long pull as we turned around then ducked in for some shelter.  This was a perfect time for her to get use to sitting on someones wheel and using less energy.  Tons of headwind, no turns, and flat roads are the best place to learn.  Unfortunately I was trying to sit up and block a good amount of wind but I was struggling and therefore th pace was anything but consistent.  The legs I had months ago are still nowhere to be found.  Hopefully someday they will return.  After 10 miles or so of wind we ducked off to rest/take in the scenery.



Seconds before my bike fell drive side down in the sand :/


Then it was back to the beach.



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