2 Aug

After a couple days in the outer banks we headed west to meet up my family in Greensboro, NC. I had never been before so I checked out a few sites to see what the riding in that area was like. There ended up being an extensive amount of trails (~50mi) called the Greensboro Watershed Trail System close by with a 15mi paved greenway that headed south to downtown Greensboro. I didn’t have my mtb or cross bike with me but I wanted to check out the trails for next time. We ended up doing a quick trail run to check out the park/lake/trails. We did a 5mi loop on one of the more ‘technical’ trails called Owl’s Roost. The trail was pretty fun to run, mostly flat, with little to no rocks, and a few roots here and there. Nothing too wild. It would be really fun to rip around on the cross bike for sure.




Lake action.


Fast single track.



The rest of the time was relaxing, eating, and checking out the downtown.  I didn’t know this but antiquing is HUGE down there.  The main street downtown was filled with small antique stores.  It was wild.



Mellow Mushroom = pizza and local beer!


They had tons of bike racks but i only saw a bike or two cruising around.  Maybe its more lively on the weekends?


We eventually left and cruised home and back to reality.  It was great taking some time off from work, riding a bit, and seeing friends and family.  Next goal up is to get in shape for cyclocross…



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