7 Aug

It was a good weekend. Got some miles in. Some bikes worked on. I do feel like im always working on bikes though. It is almost the start of cyclocross season and tons to do. This year the lady got a cross bike and is already signed up for her first cyclocross race, Nittany Cross. I found her a sweet Ridley X-night for a really good price but I wanted to change up the cockpit a bit. First was to replace the anatomic road bars with a set of narrower compact bars and second was to take of the godforsaken cross levers.


Mid work – Bars changed over to FSA Omegas


Finally got everything dialed and wanted to get a ride in before cutting the drops and taping the bars. We headed out to do an hour or so which turned into 2.5 or so. We met up with Matt at the art museum and cruised from there.


We ended up just riding forbidden with a random death climb somewhere in the middle.




The next day we woke up bright and early because the lady had a duathlon (sherox) in the city.  Id never heard much of these duathlon until a couple years back but it’s a run-bike-run.


I was able to check out the trigeeks in their natural habitat though 🙂  My plan was to ride around with a couple tubes and help if need be.  Id also be doing some yelling and a ton of cowbell ringing.


The lady ended up winning her age group and doing well on the ride compared to some people with a full TT/aero setup.   The rest of the afternoon included a nap then a local festival + beer.


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