Day to day

8 Aug

The last couple weeks ive been riding more and more to work. Its been pretty humid, especially in the mornings but it is nice to wake up and throw a kit on rather than thinking about what layers you need to wear in the cold. I try to keep that in the back of my head when im dripping sweat in the blazing heat. With all the riding to and from work I can finally post start back up posting random shots in Philadelphia on my bike commute. Im hoping to ride in everyday this week which will be the first time in over 3 months and to try to get back in shape.

Pulled up behind this the other day, but im not exactly sure what it means.


In west philly there are a couple intersections where people sell things. This particular intersection (in the summer months) usually has a person or two selling water bottles. A good idea in my opinion. As I was sitting at the light I heard the gentleman in full camo garb yell something but it didn’t sound like water. As I turned to look I heard ‘turtles for sale’ and realized he was selling turtles in a little plastic cage at the red light. Kind of random I think? Not sure who would buy a turtle at a stop light. Even if you really wanted one it would be hard to process what he was selling and be able to get to him before the green but what do I know.


Also in a selling mood as of late and trying to free up some money in the bike fund for um maybe new bikes?!  Been in the process of trying to find a SSCX commuter for the rain/winter.


After the ride home last night there was a chopping block table that we needed to grab from craigslist.  It was only 10 blocks or so away and it would have been a pain to try and fit in the car.  I wrapped the TT of the bmx bike so it wouldn’t scratch and got to business.  I do with I had a skateboard or two for situations like this but it worked out pretty well minus my arms that are still sore today.


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