13 Aug

After signing up for the first cyclocross race of the season (Nittany cross) in roughly a month, I decided that I should actually start riding again and get in shape. As nice as it was to have a break from riding, the lack of racing/riding for the last three months did its damage. On top of being out of shape, racing in the 2/3/4 MAC field is going to be really tough. The game plan for the rest of the month is to get as many miles in as I can and work on some technique along the way.

A few of us meet up in the mornings in Belmont to work of some grass/gravel before work. Having people to ride with is always a great motivator to work just a bit harder.


After the weekend picnics there is always an insane amount of trash in Belmont. Its kind of amazing.



This day was cut a bit short due to a rolled tubular but its was a good wake up call for me as how much the legs/lungs were lacking.

I do need to pick up a set of crossable tires that are also made of a hard compound and some sort of flat protection since I usually ride straight to work after cross practice.  Ive found that many cross tires are made to be light weight and use a soft compound to grip/corner better.  Because of those qualities the tread wears down really quickly and its easy to get flats with all of the glass in and around the city.  If anyone has suggestions on a good tire that’s not super expensive let me know.




The good news is that the Spooky Supertouch is back running again. Got some new 7800 bits and got it taped up last week. The bad news is the Ridley X-ride is down still.


Sunday the lady and I cruised down to White Clay to give her some exposure to single track. Most cross races around Philadelphia seem to be mostly grass with a small portion of single track. The goal was to get her to have ridden more technical/difficult single track than what she would encounter in a race environment. White Clay for the most part is fast and non-technical but there are a few tight downhill sections that help with the mental game. She did well for the first time on any real trails.







After the ride we stopped in Newark, DE for some food/drinks at Home Grown Café. Its wasn’t what i was expecting restaurant wise but quick service and good eats. A perfect meal after some dirt miles.



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