Belmont Grass Track

14 Aug

Last night was the first time ive ever actually been able to make it for Monday night grass track cx practice in Belmont. I was actually able to leave work at 4:30 and rode home quickly to swap bikes at the apartment, grab the lady, and head out to Fairmont Park. The cyclocross practice starts at 6pm Monday nights and as usual we ended up being a tad late. This week they had a small oval type setup with a A and B heat. Most ‘races’ were 9 laps but sometime switched up with X number of people getting pulled every X lap. It was fun railing corners again with a bunch of the local guys that are part of the mens 2/3/4 field.



Since we got there a bit late we had to jump right into the action. I knew what I was getting into, but it was the first time for the lady really riding grass at a fast pace and riding with other people trying to pass her. Luckily the B group was predominantly made up of women which was nice. After the first round I remembered about all the excitement/suffering that is cyclocross as well as the push your body/mind gets from racing with other like minded individuals.



Afterwards we hung out for a bit and I drank a Tecate that was kindly given to me. Thanks d.lowe for putting it on and the free beer. Next up is Wednesday night cross practice at the new Bicycle Therapy cross course on the other side of Fairmount.



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