Upping the miles

17 Aug

My main cycling goal as of lately is pack in as many miles as I can to try to make up for the 3 months I was off the bike. Ive been doing pretty good so far at accomplishing that and have ridden into work everyday for the last two weeks (~320mi) and have fit some extra miles in after work a couple days.

The game plan for Wednesday was to ride to work on the cross bike then try to make it back to Fairmount by 6pm to check out the new cyclocross course. It was spotty all day with rain but as I rode out a few miles from work it started pouring. Since I was on the cross bike I decided to take the double track in John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge but it was pretty soaked at this point.



After an hour in the rain I was drenched and curious how many people would come out for cross practice. There as a good amount of familiar faces and I was already drenched, muddy, and ready from cross.


The course is really great.  Its mostly tight twisty turns with a small amount of trails in the woods.  This setup is more about technique than about power which is perfect for dialing in your skills.  Being that the course was new with no ruts and coupled with the rain made a really slick course.  It was great to get a feel for the bike sliding out again,  balancing the line between sliding out and total control.





The lady came out and got a sense of what mud was as well.  I think having the course so close with be very beneficial to acquiring bike control quickly.


We hung out for a bit and rolled home with a couple of friends.  A big thanks to everyone who put time into the course!



Yesterday I took the roadie into work in order to spin the legs out in the morning for some recovery.  On the way home I heard some buddies were going to ride so I did a quick lap around Fairmount before calling it a day.  190mi so far this week and hoping to get a long ride in and some more cross practice done this weekend.

I picked up some new podium chill water bottles to beat the heat of summer. i like the squirt bottle tops but the caps cap easily grow black mold with non-water drinks.


I also picked up a Philly cap from my friends at GoCycling. Ive never had a non-cotton cycling cap before but Im loving that its made of a wicking material and doesnt retain water like your normal cap, plus it matches my paint scheme nicely 🙂


Luckily I made it to Loyd Hall just in the nick of time coming from work as my buddies had forgotten I was going to meetup and ride. It was mostly a chit-chat ride but fun no less. Even got to watch some shenanigans on the north side of the Strawberry Mansion bridge after a glass bottle flat/



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