20 Aug

It was a good weekend with some ups and downs. It was my birthday weekend, so Friday night involved more drinking than I wanted/anticipated and I ended up falling asleep at the bar. I had already told some teammates that I would meet up to ride Saturday morning so after hitting the snooze a few times I stumbled out of bed and got my kit on. By the time I met them 15mi or so in I had gotten most of my gusto back.



We cruised the SRT and made it into the city for a quick bite at Mugshots Coffeehouse. I grabbed a everything bagel w/ hummus and a cookie, both filled the void and gave me some much needed energy. I can never eat once I wake up so most of my rides are done on a ’empty’ stomach.

I had debated riding back home but cruised up west river drive with them before saying goodbye. I needed to get back home and take a nap.



A friend came down from NYC so we did some of the random tourist things and walked a ton! So much that I still have shin splints while im sitting here typing this…


My game plan was to have a fun semi-relaxing night without getting too wild, but again it didn’t happen.


Woke up a bit late Sunday with plans to ride some cyclocross with friends. It was a diverse crew and we were having a good time.


After taking a break for a bit I went out hoping to speed up the lap times. I stood up to pedal out of a corner and BAM, chain breaks pulls through the rear derailleur, bends the cage and pulls the threads/bends the hell out of the hanger. Luckily when the chain dropped and got entangled between the cassette and the wheel it didn’t take out any spokes, just left a few nicks in a spoke or two on my crappy wheelset. Day done.


Ive broken a few chains in my commute before so I always have my multi-tool with chain breaker with me. The chain was done so I stretched it over a just too big cog and cautiously pedaled home in a 42×26.



Now both of my cross bikes are down and I promised the Spooky Cx rig to a buddy for his first race, Nittany Cross that’s less than a month away… Luckily I had already planned on scooping up a ‘new to me’ bike that will double as a SSCX race rig and a daily commuter. So we drove north a bit and grabbed the bike and stopped off at out favorite chain for free chips/salsa and some Tecate.


More details on the bike tomorrow but I rode it in this morning to test her out.


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