Day off

23 Aug

Ive been riding the new All City Nature Boy single speed cross bike a bunch lately. The 42×16 gearing works well for the road as well as flat grass/dirt but it will be way too tall for any actual elevation changes. I plan on going with a 2×2 setup at some point but need to do some research in what gear ratios would work best. First up with me finding some spacers to throw on a freebodied wheel. I usually test out gear ratios using old broken apart cassettes. It works pretty well.

I made it from work straight to cross practice last night with a few minutes to spare before the fun started. A bunch of the regulars were out with a couple other new people. It was a great turnout. I ended up doing the first 5-lap ‘race’ and sitting out the next one to tighten up my headset, recover, and help a friend throw on some tires. Pushing a tough gear has put a bit extra strain on the knee that it didn’t like so much. I had just listened to a podcast talking about the irreversible damage that one can do riding through pain with the scar tissue left behind and the tendons eventually becoming tighter. It soften hard to not ride but sometimes its for the best.



So today I took off completely from the bike and drove in. 11 straight days of riding probably is a tad too many coming from a month before of very little. It was a good change up though and always interesting driving the beast.



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