28 Aug

Thursday night I met up with a buddy and his brother who were coming through Philadelphia on their way to Maine. They started in Pittsburgh and rode the GAP trail down to Md, then up to York via Gettysburg’s to jump on bike route S. They stayed until Saturday before continuing north on their tour. Before they left we grabbed some brunch Saturday morning then proceeded to get some bike work done. The game plan was to replace a spoke and re-true his rear wheel but that soon became repacking the bearings and working on some other small issues.



This yielded a late start but I made it out to my buddies to help get some car work done. There was plans of riding cross but that didn’t pan out.


Plethora of our ratty rad cars/


They had also found some cats living in/underneath his polo project. So if anyones looking to adopt some supper sweet kittens let me know.


I found a nice drawing that Ben drew of said kittens.


After a bit or work I was off to get my real task done in the suburbs, gluing up my cross tubulars… ill post a bit more about this later on in the week but luckily our teams skilled mechanic Pete helped me through the process. Jamie got a sweet instagram of me doing a bit of work.


Ohh i was also able to peep my new mtb frame!


Sunday morning was the free cyclocross clinic put on in Belmont Park by Army Road. A ton of people we out trying to dial in their skills for next month. I probably didn’t listen as much as I should have but had a great time.





Afterwards we all cruised over to the reservoir cx track to get some laps in. After riding a bit we ended up hanging out for a while and I was trying to learn the art of ‘bmx’ hoping instead of the tried and true ‘mtb’ hoping. It didn’t go so well but o well. Stolen photo from the missus


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