Cross Camp 2012 – Video

7 Sep

So a couple weeks back when the lady and I went out to ride the White Clay trails we brought the GoPro with us and taped a few lines. I was really excited to see how it looked since it was the first time riding any real single track together and with the trees staring to loose leave there was some pretty foliage. Fast forward a bit, we pack the bikes into the trunk and drive home. When I get the bikes into the house and go to put them up I realize that the GoPro is no where to be found! The bar attachment had broke at some point and I went into panic mode. I searched the car multiple times hoping it would surface, no go. I called the park to see if anyone had dropped it off for lost and found but to be honest I have no idea when or how it broke off.

Anyways, I emailed the good people at GoPro about this issue and expected a ‘you probably crashed, yada yada yada,’ but was pleasantly surprised when they offered me 50% on any of theyre cameras as well as a free handlebar mount. Rad! This time I opted for their new Hero2 model with some pretty sweet new features im trying to learn about. +1 for GoPros customer service as it shipped fast and I got it the afternoon before we left.

Now to the editing part. I feel pretty comfortable editing videos and use to do a fair share as a kid using Adobe Premiere. Im not a big fan of iMovie so far but plan on getting a copy of FinalCut or something to that degree. Im having trouble outputting videos that aren’t huge (2+ Gb) and making them look good on Youtube/Vimeo. Any suggestions? Am I suppose to compress them or something before hand?

This video is outputted as a .mov, its 1.8Gb, and should be 720 HD. No idea why but it looks pretty terrible. Anyways enjoy:

KindHuman Sports Cyclocross Camp 2012 Lap

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