Weekend Prep

13 Sep

Last night was the last go at dialing the bike in for Nittany Cross this weekend. I tried to hammer from work and hit some extra double track along the way. the trails were a bit overgrown on the far side and the high pressure in my tires had me bouncing a bit but it was still much more fun than taking the road. I got to cross practice just in time to hear that the B’s were lining up. I got a few things together, let some air out of the tires and did a couple slow laps behind the field to remember the course going the opposite direction.

I jumped in with the A race next and proceeded to feel off my game. Im hoping it was the legs./mind being fatigued but who knows. I was pushing hard but not passing much/at all. At some point in the technical wooded section I hit a stick, bobbled/took a foot off and rammed my shoulder into a tree going around a turn. Bleh. Its raw and a bit swollen now, could have been worse I suppose.





By the time we finished the 2nd ‘race’ it was getting pretty dark. We got back to the hood and saw they had a flugtag machine for the red bull jawn this weekend. The thing looked like a death trap


Made some quick dinner and a buddy came over needing some tools to install a Centma front rack. The install was a lot quicker than the Velo Orange porteur rack that I had setup for the ladies bike.


The legs were sore last night after ~45mi so I opted to sleep in and take the car to work. It was a great plan. Hoping to spin the legs out tomorrow to work and get mentally prepared for the hellfest that is cross.


Luckily as of late I have been able to work on both my drinking game and my mental game at the bar. Cyclocross here we come.


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