Nittany Cross 2012 – Day 2

19 Sep

Sunday was about the same as Saturday At Nittany Cross in the Men’s B race: dry, fast, and not very technical. Started this time in 63rd and after a couple of fast turns there was a massive line of riders as far as I could see. The legs were feeling the effort put in the day before so the stand up and sprint out of corners didn’t work so well. I tried to make a few passes in the very beginning but didn’t have the gusto I did the day before. Something I need to work on I guess. We got to the run up/log hop and like expected it was pretty bottle necked and we had to run the climb and the log. The rest of the course was about the same just backwards. The root section seemed to get pretty slow the first few laps but it was a nice period to recover a bit. I didn’t get into the zone until the 3rd or 4th lap but was able to put in a couple moves and ended up in 33rd. I didn’t take many risks with the game plan to stay upright and out of danger. Hoping to have a video up tomorrow if all goes as planned and I can stay out of the bar tonight…

Nittany cross pictures:

Quick picture of Maria about to crush the masters womens race



Stole some stitch pics from lauren


Men’s B Sunday results



Local beets












We had to hurry up and leave before the UCI Men’s race was over to make it to Vegan Treats in time. unfortunatly they were out of most of the good stuff.


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