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11 Oct

With all the cyclocross racing as of late I haven’t posted many random photos throughout the daily commute. Ive been trying to fit some/more gravel into my rides and since I don’t get to ride other than to/from work with the short days and long hours.

Usually in the morning I see a slew of deer. Its kinda hard to get a photo before they dash off though.



Saw a gang of wild turkeys in the park. I don’t think ive ever seen a slew of turkeys before.



Did see this guy commuting to work on a full disk rear.  Not sure how you lock it up though..


I grabbed some more Clement PDX and LAS clinchers for back up wheels.  The PDX clinchers are great and Ive heard the same thing about their sew-ups.  I still havnt tried their version of a file tread, the LAS.


Had to sell some wheels at work and have rigged a a good way to carry extra/pit wheels around with my chrome bag.  You have to remind yourself theyre back there before trying to squeeze a tight fit between cars though.


It finally started to be dark riding to work in the mornings and starting to get pretty dark by the work day is done.  Soon there will be no sun light exposure and ill have to get the vitamin D else where.


And the last few days it actually felt like fall.  It has been in the 40s in the morning with light drizzle.  Got to love the fall!


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