Cooper River Cross CRCX 2012

15 Oct

Saturday afternoon I headed over to Cheery Hill, NJ to help Jeff and the crew setup the new cross course. After spending a few hours driving stakes and taping the course, it was time to ride. We made it about 4/5th of the way through an entire lap and realized the end of the course was totally wrong. We got back to work for 45 minutes or so before calling it a day. I didn’t get a whole lap in but was able to ride some of the tougher off camber turns. The course was going to be mostly flat, really fast, and dry.




Fast forward to Sunday where I was racing the mens B race (cat 3) The lady and I got to the course to cheer on some friends in the A and C race with my race being the last race of the day.

Cat 4 Mens C start:






Cat 4 Mens C race Results


After a bit of heckling and general support I got ready for the race. I was able to get a 2nd row call up (im assuming from which was key since the start was on asphalt with 6 abreast that took you into a fast left from asphalt to grass. I think everyone (minus the guy to my left) took it easy as we saw the guy leading the A race lock both brakes up trying not to run head first into an electrical box. I made a few spots up on the start sprint and was sitting 7th or 8th going into the first couple turns. The course was pretty open with some long straights to really hammer/make up ground. I was able to pick a couple people off fairly early but the front of the race was slipping out of my reach.

After a bit Marco (who won Town Hall CX last weekend) aand I tried places a bunch and moved up. I had bridged up to the front group of 3 after a lap or two since they were sitting on each others wheels with no one wanting to do too too much work. Good for me as I would have never caught back to them. Even when they were riding 80% it was hard to keep up at times. Sprinting out of turns I just didn’t have that quick acceleration and would loose their wheel and have to get back on later on the straight. After a couple laps I eventually lost them completely and battled with Marco some more.

Going into the middle of the last lap Marco and I had pulled closer to the lead group and they were in sight by the ridable stairs. Somewhere in the chicanes he pulled away from me. I saw 3rd and 4th a bit ahead but didn’t have it in me. I rode the rest of the last lap pretty cautiously as I knew 6th was behind me but I still had a sizable gap. I rolled through the finish line in 5th. I was happy to still make the ‘podium’ and as the kids say ‘get paid’.

I did realize after the race that I had two large bubbles in my rear tubular. Right before the long straight away with two to go I realized my rear had a crazy wobble and I thought I have have rolled part of the tubular or something. Really glad it didn’t blow during the race! Back to clinchers for a bit I suppose… After the race we helped break down the course a bit and take in the nice day.


Mark dressed up (classy)

Start of the Mens B race


Stevie Snax


Thanks for the shot Gary!

Lead pack



Cat 3 Mens B race Results


Snackmaster looking devilish


And then the day was done.


Then I cleaned the bikes for the first time in a while.


Big thanks to Jeff, Mambo CX, Go Cycling, and everyone else for putting in the hard work to get a local ‘Philly’ race together. Definitely looking forward to the race next year!

Stupid me but i forgot to start the GoPro at the beginning of the race… I had to wait till things calmed down a bit and I could reach down to turn it on.


One Response to “Cooper River Cross CRCX 2012”

  1. Bob Reuther October 15, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

    Hope you can make it out to the West Chester Cross Classic next week. It is great course .

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