Spooky Cross 2012

29 Oct

This was my first go at Spooky X so I didnt know what to expect other than riding bikes, drinking beer, and a dash of mayhem. We headed to the philly bike expo a bit after 10am sunday morning to take in the booths before meeting up at outside of the armory at 11am.  We all cruised together across the city to the course.  It was held in north philly by I-95 in some desolate fields/piers that people turned into dirtbike/atv trails. The course was pretty technical, mostly single track with a couple long straight-aways. Id say 80% dirt, 15% concrete/asphalt, and 5% glass/tetnis/hypodermic needles.




Entry fee was a 6er

Topher didnt only have the #1 costume, he also had #2 when put his yellow rain slicker on.






We all chugged a beer or two before setting out on the race. The start was a fast prolouge of the entire course, then there was 4 more laps after that. I made a few passes early since it was really easy to get bogged down behind someone in the single track. Everyone was having a good time, talking, wheelie, being #rad.






Some time around the 2nd lap a group of 6 formed at the front which was Charles, Topher, Joe, Mark, Rich, and I. I think we had a good gap on most people early on since they were crushing it. We all traded spots here and there but the mtbs were able to ride a few sections and run ups that really tired me out. Topher was doing damage and I watched him get a beer hand up and pound half of it before gently setting it up for the next person on a downed tree barrier. The 2 in front (Charles and Joe) got a good gap on us after that.




After re-grouping a bit near the U-turn at the pier and I got a thorn bush/vine stuck around my leg and it wasnt coming loose. I told Rich and Mark to pass me while i un-tangled the mess. Rich got a pretty good gap on mark and both of them had a good gap on me. I made a bit of the gap back on the run up. There was a log right after the run-up which I ran a few times in traffic which left me unclipped and scared on the super loose peet moss-ish descent. All things worked out for the best though. Coming into the old pier/hobo hut was fun but there was a tricky 90 left banger that had a 2 foot drop straight into glass & trash. Almost ate it a couple times there since i would forget about it.

Going into the last lap the front 3 were out of sight and it was Rich, myself, and Mark battling. On a uphill I lost traction and ended up running the rest of the section and the downhill. Rich put a gap on us and I was hurting Marks cause making him go slow behind me. After the steep downhill onto the concrete patch that was riddeled with safty glass (from what I assume where plenty of abandoned car windows), I threw it into the big ring and tried to bridge the gap to Rich. Going into the U-turn at the end of the pier I tried to go back to the small ring up front but the front derailleur was stuck. meh. I ran the tricky concrete tube thing section and Rich still had a small gap. Coming down the peat moss hill Rich was in my sight as he plummeted into the hobo pier section. I was able to get back up to his wheel coming out of the pier section where there was a long gravel section with sections of large bricks/rocks. The legs still had some juice and was able to make the pass on Rich right before the final runup section to the finish line. I attribute my pass to the available gears at my disposal compared to Rich’s SS gate’s drive setup. Topher ended up taking the win!! Charles 2nd, Joe 3rd, myself 4th, Rich 5th, and Mark 6th. Such a good race. Had more fun racing than I have in a long time.  We all headed down to the pier to hang out and take shelter from hurricane Sandy that was coming through.

Finish run-up






Random stolen instagrams:




Huge thanks to everyone that helped put on the event and everyone who donated stuff! I ended up picking up a pair of levis commuter jeans and a wild man horn for my commuter bike. Cant wait for Spooky X next year!























GoPro Video:

2 Responses to “Spooky Cross 2012”

  1. Sam October 29, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    Nice. But an MTB at a ‘cross race? Gauche.

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