Stoudts Cross 2012

5 Nov

Sunday morning was the first cold morning of the cross season for me. We woke up early, bundled up, packed the car, and drove over to Steve’s house to pick him up on our way to Stoudt’s Brewery in Adamstown, PA. We got to the brewery a bit after 8:30 and jumped out to get a lap or two in before the C race. We jumped onto the course and noticed there was a good deal of road sections throughout the course, a few muddy 180degree turns, easily hoppable log, some large double barriers, and a mud pit before a long bumpy uphill slog. The first time the section was pretty easy to ride but grueling and I was curious how that would feel the 5th time up the hill.

After watching the C race and doing some heckling I went back to the mud pit to see what had changed since the C race. I tried to ride it but got stuck in the 2nd deep section both times I tried it. I watched and it didn’t seem like anyone else was having any luck. Game plan now was to run it. After a couple minute warm up we lined up on the road for what was going to be a semi-fast start into a left banger to the grass. I was lucky enough for a front row callup and got ready to roll. The bike was still a mess from the pre-ride (#notpro) but I just needed the front derauiler to work for the start sprint then it was the 39t little ring from there on out. Im alright at the sprint starts and was able to get into 2nd coming intot he grass behind Andrew from Wooden Wheels Racing. I had forgot about the barriers a bit only riding that section once and had Jeff and Caleb pass me around that point. I grabbed their wheels on the road section before the mud pit/Goat Hill. A few of them tried to ride it and I was able to pass them going straight to the run. Downside the feet were soaking wet and heavy. The 4 of us formed a group and stayed together the entire race. No real bobbles or anything, didn’t go down, didn’t do much of anything other than tried to stay on their wheels. Ive found racing at the front is a totally different race than in the middle. It seems a lot more about tactics than just going out and mashing. My goal usually is to sit in and conserve rather than making huge efforts to reel people in.

Fast forward to the last (lap 5). The 4 of us are all together going past the start/finish and through the short technical section with the barriers and im sitting 4th wheel. Coming onto the pavement Andre or Caleb make a big effort and the race is on. They get a bit gap on me on the road section as im a bit late to react but catch them in the technique corkscrew turn coming out of the pavement. Coming into the mud pit Jeff makes a mover and sprint up the hill leaving us all in the dust. I was hurting and didn’t have much for the run up. I think I need to work on my running skills a bit since there is plenty of room to make up time if you’re a good runner on a course like this. The rest of the race im tried to get back up to Caleb’s wheel which is just a bit out of reach. I came into the gravel U-turn by the LWC ‘heckle pit’ a bit hot and had to use the brakes a bit too much and it was over. He kept his couple second gap on me and I was never able to make it back up. I didn’t go for a sprint and didn’t give much effort since no one was behind me. Ended up 4h again and at the back of the lead pack. Same story different race. Im alright with that for now, but my goal is to actually make it on the podium before the season ends.

Had a lot more fun at the race than I was expecting. Heckling the women at the mud pit was way more entertaining than expected/ The brewery itself was really interesting and the antique area was well, a bit odd. We went looking for the restrooms and got lost in there with odd dolls and glassware everywhere and the smell of mothballs surrounding me. All in all it was a good day of racing and a good time.







commuter status






Maria warming up


Then it was time to watch/heckle










Then things got weird.    Bacon suit = heckling hard


Wait for it



I think she was distracted by the boobs


Some people even fell before the pit…


Then we headed to check out the brewery.

B race results


C race results


Bike wash


We finally made it inside the brewery


Then we got stuck in the depths of the antique shop…





I did win a sweet shirt for 4th though!



2 Responses to “Stoudts Cross 2012”

  1. Darren September 27, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

    Great post, hope to see you back for more during Stoudts Cross v.2013- mud, bikes, goats, hills, grown men in french maid dresses and bacon suits!

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